Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Project UK: Cavalry Incoming!


This is what I was thinking while painting these guys. Although the combo took a while to paint up, they were a lot of fun, and allowed me to test out the wet palette more and see the benefits of it ( still have paint on it that I poured 2 days ago, that is able to be used! Amazing! ). 

Riders were simple enough to paint up. Skin, cloth, and armor basically. Did up the camo scheme on their clothing as well, though not on the horses. 

They all got blonde hair though. Thought it would fit better and more wild like for them. 

So not much text here.. just more photos..  

And the next guys up now are the mutants.. 

A couple Bloodcoats, a few cadets, and some golum styled critters.. very WIP at the moment.. just basic airbrush initial color so far.. Hoping for more progress after some sports tonight.. been far too long since I had any so should be interesting. Also should be fairly sore tomorrow as well :) Will see I guess.. 


  1. Quite a strong post-apocalyptic vibe.
    I like those horses, always thought if orcs rode horses they'd look like those :)

  2. Thanks guys. Post apoc is a good decription of the theme going on here.. was asked to keep the bases simple and in greys to match his terrain. Haven't seen photos of any of the models on his terrain, but am hoping this fits the bill!

  3. Hola Amigo
    GUAU como molan,me gusta los caballos al galope y armas en mano
    un saludo

    1. ¡Gracias!
      Las conversiones se realizan por el cliente. Me gustó mucho el movimiento que él les dio también.
      Gracias de nuevo por los amables comentarios.

  4. oh, my, that is such a dangerous bunch! You really do have the best selections! Love the horses from this and the previous post.

  5. Gee up horsey !

    I'm trying to base everything the same; that way the whole lot will just look more homogenus

  6. when they are all on the table together.

    (sorry, I slipped).


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