Friday, October 12, 2012

Project UK: Pre-Camo

So combining the batch that I started this week ( 37 ) and the batch I took to Belgium in September ( 55 ) I now have 92 models waiting for the green light for the camo pattern that I think will work for them.

The camouflage for the troopers will look something like the portions below..

Was a simple 3 line camo. Starting with the new Yellow Base from GW, then a Brown line, and then a Grey line added for more contrast. All randomly applied to the green areas with the Yellow in the middle, Brown for the top, and Grey for the bottom.

What do you think? When applied over a few models it doesn't look bad I think.

So if it is signed off, I will do up the other 87 models in the same scheme, and call this section finished (aside from some freehand on the banners)! Allowing me to start up on another unit this weekend, and hopefully get a few units done since most of the other units are 10-20 models at most! Should be easy, right?

Quick 2 photo close up ( sort of ) of the whole gang..

I deliberately did different skin tones throughout the gang. It was getting both monotonous, and too common place. Plus I don't think they would all be vat grown, and some variation should be present... right?

Was a fun group to paint up though, and relaxing. Yes.. I said it.. relaxing.. cause after the 20th model in the line, things just go from work to motions.. and I begin to fade away in thought while I unconsciously apply paint to model and model and model and model... etc..

Anyway.. it is Friday.. so hopefully it goes quickly for everyone, and the weather is good for all as well over the weekend. Enjoys!


  1. I like the camo effect, too easy to over do it and suffer overload

    That's a lot of figures LOL


    1. Thanks Ian. Much appreciated! And this.. this is nothing. LOL.. painted more than this in 2 days back in August! Check out the label Painting Marathon ;)

  2. It looks good to me. Great looking army. Although from a lot of source's they all work well together with the colour scheme chosen.

  3. Christ that's a lot of figures, you are a machine!

  4. I recognise some of these chaps, I saw them on TV last summer during the riots in London! Great work!!!!


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