Friday, September 28, 2012

Project UK: Chaos Hounds

Last post for this week.. and another quick work that I did over the weekend.. nothign major except that I was able to get more of the Project UK finished..

This time 20 Albino Chaos Hounds! To send towards the enemy before the main troops arrive.. or at least that is how I would use them. :)

Not the most complicated paint job, and one that I used a lot of washes to get finished, but I think they came out nice in the end.

Will be back in Istanbul, and at home for the next 2-3 weeks. So I am hoping to do some more painting while home, and getting a few projects finished. Namely the Space Wolf and the UK ones.. as people are waiting on those miniatures so.. let's put the whip behind me when I get home, and get some of these models finished up already!


  1. A wonderfully ghostly appearance and I love the bases too; looks like all sorts of discarded debris down there.

  2. I threw an awful lot of models together in 2008. Every so often I would just tip my cutting mat into the little pot of basing stuff. These must have been the first minis of a new batch and hence recieved a decent sprinkle of debris.

    That's what we'll call these hounds - Sparkle Motion ! Cheers Michael.

  3. I like the light color to the skin, gives them a nice 'ashen wastes' look

  4. Thanks all for the comments! Color choice was Zzzzz's, but I think they really worked here. Though need to touch up the eyes, as they are not as visible. Went for a yellow hue, but will be going more red I think after chatting with Zzzzz on the subject more.

  5. A great job!! Nice subtle colour scheme too!


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