Friday, September 7, 2012

Project Space Wolves: Rhinos

2 Space Wolf Rhinos.. almost factory fresh, and ready to roll out. I have a small bag of extra wolf tails and a wolf pelt to throw on it, and am waiting for the client to swing by tomorrow to attempt some mud on the sides, but for me at the moment they are finished.

Really learned a lot from doing these, and I think the future ones will be taking far less time, and might even pop out better! Still have a Drop pod to do up in TableTop quality but that will have to wait for a long while yet. Too many business travels for the rest of the month now to tackle it. Will have to focus on another project in the meantime, one that travels easier. 

And another sneak peak of Screamers.. 

They do not want to stay in focus.. I blame the warp for that! But they are needing a bit more work before I do up their bases, and show them off better!

Cheers for now.. 

1 comment:

  1. Those bad boys look deadly and with some dirt thrown on will look like they've seen some action.

    I blame the warp too, but maybe it's the electric blue!!


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