Thursday, September 6, 2012

Project Space Wolves: Rhino WIPs

Ok, so I do not do a lot of vehicles.. anyone who has ever seen my armies they are primarily infantry or monster heavy. It is my style..

So what happens when your style gets interrupted with a commission requiring work on vehicles? You learn, and continually vlad ( made up work meaning to spend way too long on youtube, specially on BuyPainted's youtube channel. Due to his voice sounding like Vlad the Vampire from older horror movies. Seriously.. check it out..  ).

With that in mind, here are the WIPs of the first 2 vehicles, being of Rhinos for the tactical squads.

Again, they are WIP at this time as there are parts missing on them ( Headlights, hatches, extra adornments ).. Color scheme is similar to the troopers, except they came out a bit darker due to the large flat spaces.

I have to say that at times while looking at them while painting, it was like watching a trainwreck.. I make no excuses there.. however thankfully when the washes dried, and the colors settled it came out a lot better ( A LOT BETTER )..

Red sections were added to give it some contrast, and the glass made blue again for contrast.

Top hatch is black with red markings. No idea why where that idea came from, but I thought it would fit for the fluff of the marines.

While working on this, and waiting for things to dry, I also began work on 3 screamers.. WIP shot below..

Still a lot of work to be done on them, but the main blue areas finished, and hoping to get more done on both projects before the week is over. Maybe even tonight!


  1. I think you have a great start there on the rhinos!

    1. Thanks styx.. definitely a learning curve here though on them..

  2. I love the Rhinos, but those screamers look tremendous; are you using an airbrush on them?

    1. Thanks Michael.. and yeah the Screamers are started with the airbrush, and then multiple layers of blue glaze to help the transition a bit further. Am still experimenting with the airbrush and learning to use it properly. :)


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