Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Commission artists part 2

While I am still enjoying the warm ( OK hot! ) weather of Cyprus, and trying to cool down with my buddy Capt Morgan, here is today's 9 commission artists that I find inspiration from. Many of these I go back to time and again to look at how they do something and see if I can pull it off. In some case it can happen, but in many, not so much..

Hobby Horse Ok, this is actually a painter whom I know more from forums, than I do from Blogs. I just so happened to stumble upon him there long afterwards. He has an insane talent for painting even fantasy models to look realistic! He has a link on the top right to his of his blog to his commission site. Has a fetish for goblins and dwarfs though.. JFYI..

James Wappel I don't like this site, and let me tell you why. The guy is insane in his ability to push out completely mind-bogglingly well painted models, and in such short amount of time! It is insane! Just makes me think that what I am doing at times is not worth it, but then I finish a project, get paid, and remember it's ok after all. :) But seriously.. a very talented painter, converted, sculptor, and all round artist in many ways.

Jolly Bodgers Not sure if he is a commission painter per say, but I am sure he does it from time to time. What caught my eye from this blog was his sculpting ability, and the fact that one of his Ork Busts has been picked up to be cast! Am waiting to see when and how much it will cost as I have a fetish for busts ( wait, wha? ) and look forward to grabbing it ( again.. wha? )..

Laughing Ferret All hail.. the King of Skirmish games! I have never seen so many out of the way, small producer, painter in all my travels along the blog-o-sphere. I first saw him again from with his Bayou Elf army, but since then have been mesmerized by his skill at painting unique armies or teams. Especially check out his collection of Blood Bowl teams ( his latest being Apes representing a Human team that is just beautiful! ). Also, very lucky and soon to marry his equally beautiful fiancé. I point this out, cause he does so often already ;)

Lead Legion Again another recent addition in the foray of commission painter and one that is similar to myself.. a man who has no fear of the brush or hundreds of models in front of him! Don't believe me? Check out the list of the dead.. err.. I mean painted on the left of his blog.. Impressive stats there!

Minion Studio A newer collection of painters who have kicked off with a Bang! Or is that a Zap? Pushed over from Brovatars blog to them ( of which he is a member of this gang ), the first project they jump into is a all Necron Flyer list ready to kick some imperial butt in 6th edition. Their technique on rust and paint chipping is excellent. Go check them out if nothing else for that!

Modern Synthesist Tyranids. Yup that pretty much sums up his obsession. Some really great conversions here, and always up for a commission.

Next Level Painting Seen these guys referenced a few times around the old blog-o-sphere. It seems they were born with airbrushes attached to their hands cause their skill with them is insane! Especially when zoomed out and shown at an army level.. and they do armies right!

Nuke Arts Speaking of being born with an airbrush.. this guy and his crew are insane. Taking Asian work ethics to new heights and working hours upon hours on end. His expert level is one to really look out for, as his OSL and reflective painting is quite intense. Plus he is quite the character as he is EVERYWHERE on the web at the moment.. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Blogger.. can't go too far without seeing his work, which is definitely a good thing.

As stated.. some very talented people and groups above. Highly recommended to check out their blogs and see what kind of projects they are working on.


  1. Replies
    1. Always mate.. your work is quite inspirational to me.. always checking it and trying to figure out how you do certain things :) Cheers

  2. Thank you for the shout-out and the kinds words Mr Lee. I'm very Grateful!

    1. I'll need to go put that list back up now. I took it down last week because it was taking up so much space.

    2. *Sigh* I really need to make sure I'm signed in on the right account when I'm thanking people. Luckily, I don't need to be a mental giant to paint :D!

    3. Heh.. your really going through the stuff there, and I think your list, albeit large, is impressive.. even if it is only on another page then maybe? Linked from the header? Either way.. good work and keep it up!


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