Monday, September 17, 2012

Commission artists part 1

Well this week I am on holidays.. and not like the last one unfortunately. I say unfortunately for you not for me cause I am spending the week in Cyprus on a late Wedding anniversary with my wife.

But since I am not around, I figured it would be good to point out a couple of the blogs that I follow that also do Commission work. It seems there are a lot of people using Blogger to showcase their work, and because of that it is really pushing the level of details that others ( commission artists or not ) are able to achieve!

So to kick this off.. here is a quick list of people whom I follow, the work they do, their links, and why I like checking out their blogs!

5th dimension Fantastic German (?) painters whom I first stumbled upon a while back while looking for some hints on higher quality painting. He definitely delivers, and has shown me a new circle of miniature painters alongside them! It is one of those groups of painters collectively showing off what talent really is!

Admiral Drax UK painter who focuses mostly ( exclusively? ) on Imperial Guard models for Warhammer 40k. Not sure how much he does on commission but there is the odd post concerning them. If you need ANYTHING for Imperial Guard, check out his blog. Noticed him first with regards to his method of painting plans, and using excel to focus better on the status of a project. I need to get back into those as they really are helpful!

Brovatar A new commission painter hitting the scene, and hitting it in a BIG way! With his over the top conversions, and fantastic paint jobs, he has really made a name for himself here. If you need something unique and just screams "WOW!" then turn to this guy. Always a treat to see his latest projects.

Corvus Miniatures A Belgian painter who updates infrequently, and makes no bones about his style or painting schedule. Is definitely not an army painter, but for those skirmish level games or character models, this is an artist to check out. When he shows his stuff off, you can be sure that a lot of time, effort, sweat and probably a small pint of blood was put into it to make it as it is shown.

One Lover Ray What a title for a blog.. but he does commissions so I guess I should put him here.. Mostly a historical painter, with what seems to be only 1 client ( Postie ) but still.. paints like a fiend ( don't ask him as it will increase his ego more! ). Great flag creator, and really goes into research mode to confirm if the colors he is painting are correct or not. You can usually see him arguing with his lover coworker Fran.

Dr Willett's Workshop Found this blog a while back while looking at board game painters. And it seems that if you are looking for board games to be painted then go to Dr W.. am seeing some pretty awesome work lately in Space Hulk, and Mansions of Madness.. This is not to say he can't paint others, but he does amazing work on these items from what I see.

Dwartist I keep thinking this guy is painting 28+ mm miniatures, but usually he is painting in 15 mm or smaller! Amazing work for such levels.. not to say that he doesn't also do larger pieces. Not sure if he is a public commission artist, but I have seen a few pieces from him done on behalf of other businesses. Worth checking out regardless.

Excommunicate Tratoris Only know of this one, as I saw that he is mates with one of the clients I am working with, and then saw we seem to be working on similar projects but at different sides. Great work with vehicles.. every time I see his site, I see another beautifully done up rhino, flyer, or even a TITAN! Great works here.. check him out.

From The Warp Recently Ron over at FTW suffered some pretty bad adventures due to wind and a tree and his painting studio ( not to mention the rest of his house! ), but yet he still was posting and providing invaluable tidbits on how to push your painting further. A specialist of sorts on the power armor aspects of 40k. Ron constantly is showing me how to do new tricks with his how to's. He also recently did 2 articles on how to find a commission artist, and how to find a client if you are an artist. Great reads, but go there to find out.

So this was the first 9 in the list of 27 that I am currently following.. or are aware that they are commission artists.

More tomorrow..


  1. "You can usually see him arguing with his lover coworker Fran",what the flaming underpants!!!!!!

  2. And here lies Mr. Lee, a brave man, an honorable man, a man who pissed of a big Irish man.

    Enjoy your anniversary!!

  3. Cheers for the link back Mr Lee, I think??? My blog is actually Don't throw a 1, the other names' my nickname?? And as for the Fran lover...........

  4. Thanks all.
    @Ray, figured your nick would generate more hits as would the reference to whom that one could be. :)
    @Anne, am in Cyprus, tons of sun. Isn't that like kryptonite to Irishmen?
    @Fran.. I did cross it out.. Doesn't that count for something? :)

  5. I had to look twice LOL

    Enjoy the sun, it won't last you know



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