Monday, September 10, 2012

Another Kickstarter Funded: Relic Knights

Yes.. there is yet another Kickstarter funded from CoolMiniOrNot, and this time it was the Relic Knights from Soda Pop Miniatures. Yet another game that I have been interested in for quite some time, and I was humming and ahhing over this project right till the bitter end..

So there is another $200 down the drain ;)

Opting for the Saviour level ( $100 + $25 for shipping ), and then throwing in an extra 75 for some extras. Just fell in love with the Noh Empire, mostly cause they are very daemonic looking, and I can see uses for them outside of Relic Knights. Will have a lot of fun painting up these models I believe.

The other one that I am looking at picking up is the Doctrine. Mostly cause they have a special character librarian type, with an assistant. And I think he has naughty thoughts of the assistant. :)

Plus then I will have 2 main characters on large cat like things to fight it out against each other!

Extras I am looking at are more items for the Noh Empire, and the Super Dungeon Explorer mini characters most likely. Not sure what else, but I will figure it out once the payment clears, and the survey comes out.

So in the meantime, I get to wait more for another package of models that I am not sure when I will get around to painting, or working on, or even if I will ever get to play with them. But hey, it is another book to go on the shelf and look pretty.. right beside that 6th edition Warhammer book, and the even larger 8th edition Fantasy version. At least I will have some nice models in boxes to store around the house.. right?


  1. Glad to see another Blogger take the plunge on Relic Knights. I'm currently out of pocket to the tune of $285's, $100's for double Saviour level, $25's for shipping leaving me $160's to splash out on extra's. I think I know what I want in terms of extras, but then they went and added other stuff... swines.

    The factions I'm going for are Black Diamond and Cerci Speed Circuit.

    1. I looked at the Black Diamonds as my second faction, but figured I should go with a more "good" faction. Seems that Noh and Doctrine are on opposite sides of the same coin. Plus not so many models to paint, which is a plus considering the Reaper and Sedation Wars Kickstarters will arrive around the same time, and they have a ton of models to work on.

      Looking forward to reviewing them, and painting the up though!

  2. You do get a lot for your money but damn that's expensive or is it just me?

    1. It is expensive actually, will completely agree on that. But when compared to current prices, and the fact that I wanted to collect these for a while, its a win/win in my book. Not so much in the wife's but.. meh.. for better or worse right? ;)


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