Friday, September 21, 2012

Commission artists part 3

Last but definitely not least.. the final 9.. Going into some specialists here, and some higher level painters with very unique skills.

Pirate Viking Painting A straight up proper set up for painting, and quite the operation. Clear, transparent and ( from what I hear ) a great guy to deal with! A studio for others to mirror in some ways..

Rathcore Just recently found him through 5th Dimension, and am very happy to have done so. Games Day Slayer Sword and Golden Daemon winner, and now turned painting teacher! Will have a chance to meet him in person in October when I attend his master class painting class in Aachen, Germany. Really looking forward to that session, and expect some articles from it as well.

Studio Giraldez Insane. This Spanish painter is the reason why I started Infinity, but also the reason why I keep prolonging my painting on the Infinity models themselves! He does such great work on them, that it is quite intimidating. Not sure if he does private commissions, but if he does, then whatever he does for you will come out fantastic!

Tale of Painters What happens when you gather 4 painters with extreme talent? Well first there is a tale to be told, and they are telling it with style. Recently they have been posting up a lot of WIP and Tutorials using GW products and paints. If you are an average painter looking to become great, follow their Tutorials. If your looking for something to look amazing in general, give them a shout and they will sort it out in short order.

Mike Butcher - The Butcher's Bill Ever know of a name or a person who is more myth than legend? Well Mike is both. Being a long time Games Day painter, this guy has an amazing output of fantastic pieces for GW. The best ( In my opinion ) is his converted Khorne Lord which I believe was almost completely ( if not completely ) sculpted by Mike.

Studio McVey A duo of painters hailing from UK. Mike being an ex GW and many other companies consultant in the miniature realm. His wife, new to the game, but definitely showing the vets how it is done. Now moved to their own studio and company, and just produced their first board game Sedation Wars. Was lucky enough to jump on that Kickstarter when it happened, and picked up not 1, but 2 of the games just because. Looking for some quality, then you can't go wrong here.

The Terrain Studio Not a painter so much as a terrain guy. And one that specializes in Flames of War terrain. His tables when zoomed into, and without real person perspective look so real you would think it was back in WW2 in the thick of the action!

Winterdyne Another group of painters, showing off their talents for others to drool over, and then ask for them to help with a future project! A current project to look out for is the Titan diorama. Insane amount of details are going into such a mammoth project that it just blows my mind!

The Dark Templar This fine gent is one that again only recent I have found, however I am glad that I have. His recent work has been for a charity auction, and he even went on tour to meet his fellow artists that worked on the project with him, before getting it video'd by Joey Warhammer.

I hope that you were able to find some inspiration from them as much as I have/do, and that if your looking for a commission in the future you can reference someone here that will cover what you are looking to get done.

Meanwhile I am still kicking back, relaxing and chilling with another good buddy of mine.. Jack Daniels. Though he has a bit of a side effect on me in this hazy heat here in Cyprus.

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