Friday, November 21, 2014

The Saga continues...

Yeah.. OK.. Lame play on words, but you got the idea :)

Happy to report that the Warlord, Robert Cruickshank, is finished, along with his extended family acting like Thanes ( Hearthguards ). They are just waiting on their shields to get painted, which I will do in batches at the end when all the models themselves are finished. Will be interesting to do some freehand on them also!

The main things painted were the tartans. Which took the most time, obviously :)

It was pretty simple though as I took some of the original red, added some green, and a touch of blue to it, to make it darker. Then drew the cross patterns over the red sections.

I would hit the reds a bit further just to make them stand out a bit in comparison to the darker colors. Otherwise a few of them began to disappear on me there.

For some of the cloaks, I also did some lines as well. Varying it up a bit depending on the person.

After the dark lines, I added some Tan/White coloring in between them to give it some Umpf! I think it worked nicely, and really pops out, thoughts?

From here it was all about the washes.

Washes of Ogryn flesh on the skin. Black on the chainmail. Browns for the ground and boots. Sometimes on the armorr to dirty it up. Same for the lower sections of the clothing.

Quick shot of the Warlord's back cloak here. A purple/green/white pattern. Thought it might work and be appropriate.

You can also see that the lines and painting is not super neat and clean. But 17 models finished over 3 painting sessions is pretty quick. Heck, even Mrs Lee was asking me where I had received these painted models from as she was not aware that I had done some painting last weekend! Ha! Nice!

To finish them all off, I just put some tufts of green and brown grass on the bases and now they can go off to fight against invaders to their island some more. Be more aggressive since they have no shields at the moment!

Next up for this faction will be some warriors. The ones standing around looking for work. Let's see how they go and how well they paint up!

Enjoy the weekend!


  1. Lovely job Mr. Lee, I particularly love the basing on the big guy.

    1. Thanks Michael! Thought he deserved a bit more since he is on a larger base for gaming terms.

  2. Spot on mate, especially the tartan on the warlord.

    1. Thanks Jack. Though am looking forward to the PB Kirill video to do the tartans even better!

  3. The models are looking great, but I think you need to delve into some technical effects for some blood and gore. Nobody is going to be holding two decapitated heads in their hands, and have no blood anywhere :). Have some fun with some blood splatter at least! :)

    1. Agreed. Will put some blood, etc, on the base and heads when I get to the shields. Definitely needs something there!

  4. Stunning work on the tartans, especially the warlord's cloak.

    1. Cheers Monty. Wasn't quite sure how it would turn out.. but am glad to see it went well enough!


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