Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Viking Bust Exchange figure..

So with the events and shows finished for the year, I can relax a bit and work on projects that have gathered a bit of dust.

One in particular is a miniature exchange with my good buddy from Hamburg, Arne. And the Viking bust that we choose to paint for each other.

He has already made great leaps and progress on his, but mine has languished in the resin box for far too long and I guess it is about time to get it painted up!

Luckily at Monte, Dino was on hand with his lovely sockets/plinths there. And I was able to find one that will suit this model just right.

Now I just need to begin to paint it up!!!

And with this one, and the comments I received at Monte/Euro/SMC/Duke.. I thought it best to do some research on the period to get an idea. And then promptly forgot more of it as the paint reached the brush and I started to paint! :)

First things first.. he needs to be primed.. and I do not want to wreck the lovely wood on the socket, so I covered it in the PK-Pro masking putty. Great stuff here, but I think I still missed a spot and created a white corner while spraying.

2k Priming. Black and then White.. I did this specifically as I wanted it to be a bit brighter. But again I would muck that up quickly enough already! Thankfully, it is just paint and can be corrected!

First touch of color comes to the skin tones here. Using the GW color of Cadian Flesh as a base. Something that I like, even if it is a bit orange at times. I can make it better in future stages though so no problems there!

Green shirt and the start of the leather on his helmet. I am going to go with leather only cause of the fact that I know that the metal was very expensive back then. Something that I both read online, but also remember Fernando talking about it in his painting class in Blumberg.

Final photo from last night. Still just blocking out the colors here. The shirt will be more of a tan/cream color. And the fur will get more colors added to it, but thought a nice red undertone might be cool.

Tunic will be some sort of wool, so will be interesting to see how that goes, while the shirt is more linen/cloth. Playing with some textures here will be both fun and scary at the same time!

I still need to figure out what to do with the inner section of the linen shirt. Might just do it a different shade as was the case back then.

It will be started in acrylics like most of my pieces, but I am going to play a lot more with the oils on this piece for blending and texture purposes. Should be really interesting to see how that goes!

But it has started! So expect lots of articles on it over the next little while!


  1. I do love to see these wonderful sculpts come to life in your hands.

    1. Many thanks for that kind compliment Michael! no pressure for me now.. LOL :)

  2. Looking good. i like the initial sketch of the fur already.

    1. Thanks Zab. Not sure what direction it will take yet for the fur, but I hope to have some nice color transitions there in the end :D


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