Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Saga Reinforcements! Clans unite!

My Scottish clan for the dark ages is slowly growing. And honestly.. it is not really that slow here.

Over the weekend I had a chance to get "some" painting done and with it I got 2 sets of 8 warriors painted up.

You can maybe remember the shot of the first set waiting on blocks to get painted..

Well these escalated to be finished quite quickly due to a very simple paint scheme and style.

Painting them was incredibly easy though.

With the 2K priming ( Black base, and white/grey from the light source ) I was able to basically wash the colors onto them models. Keeping most of the shadows there already for me.

For colors I kept them really minimal here. Mostly greens, browns, and teal blue/greens. Easy colors really. I threw some reds into the browns at times, and yellows into the greens to make them a bit more interesting, but honestly it was not needed.

Once the base colors were down though, it was all about the GW Washes lathered on top of them. It helped to bring some more color into the pieces, and also fix some of my mistakes ;)

With the first set of lazy warriors done, I had a few hours spare on Sunday night to finish off the other 8 more active warriors.

Same techniques here, and since I knew what colors and style I was aiming for, it went much faster!

Grounds are a bit darker than the Elites and Warlord, and I am OK with this. They are all not from the same family afterall, so it is fair to say that they came from different parts of the highlands. Though none of them are rich enough to have proper tartans ( and cause I was lazy on these guys! ).

I have another 8 warriors left on the table that I just picked up on ebay, but they will wait until after the 12 Levy Bowmen are completed first. So that the original 6 pt boxset can be completed for the figures at least.

I have plans for the shields though. Since it was common to have motifs on them, I will do some freehand work on them. Probably more elaborate pieces for the Elites, but less for the Warriors. Maybe simple designs really in the end. Though we will see when I get to them.. which might be a few weeks yet!

In the meantime.. enjoy them. And if anyone has ideas on good, but compact transport ideas for such a force.. I am open to suggestions! :D


  1. Wow have you committed yourself completely to painting now or do you still work? Your output is quite insane :)
    If you had metallic bases (the typical ring washer) I would suggest just to buy a cheap tool box from your hardware store and plate it with magnetic plates/stripes (like it is used for an exhibition booth). Otherwise its calling for the typical miniature cases like the ones from Feldherr or something with self cut foams where the miniatures fit in...

    1. Am in for the long haul here. But they are great fun to paint up so no problems there really for me.
      And yeah, will have to look into the magnetic sheet deals. Haven't had the best luck with them in the past.. but maybe I need to give them another go here!

  2. Very nice. An excellent weekends work. They really do look good.

    1. Thanks Clint. Back to some TableTop pieces for a bit though the showcases will be popping back up soon enough ;)

  3. You've certainly rattled through these - great job Sir.

  4. Lovely paint jobs. For transport solutions, I've found that KR Multicase are brilliant - as long as you know they're not going out in the wet.

    1. Yeah I have a few of them already for my Bolt Action IJA forces. I do like them, and might resort to them still.. but always open to other suggestions also!


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