Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Galapagos Miniatures - Volkan Lostblood

Review time again! Shocked that I have another up? So am I!!!

This week I will review another piece I picked up from Euro, and that is the Galapagos Miniatures dwarf bust, Volkan Lostblood. Or as I think many call him.. That Dwarf Bust with the axe held the wrong way up!

You can see the price on it.. 55 euros.. I didn't pay that though cause it was at the Euro show in UK ( oxymoron? ) and it was closer to 40 gbp in the end ( talked the seller into giving me a bit of a discount :) ).

The box is light, but then again it is a resin piece not metal. And upon opening the box you can see cards!

The first card has both box art versions shown on it. So you get to see 2 different ways in which it was painted before released. And also the story behind the dwarf itself. Very cool little extra here.

Again we can see that it was sandwiched behind not 2 but 3 layers of foam here. Top layer to protect it from moving. A middle one to cushion the main pieces, and the bottom for the more flat sections.

You can see that the majority of the bust is a solid piece. With the axe carrying arm, and pieces for it being all separated. Hopefully this will be making the painting of those sections much much easier.. but we will see!

On the main sections there is very little flash ( aside from that massive vent on the arm and a smaller one on the hand ).

But for the axe heads there is a bit more here that will take some work to get rid of. And knowing my hacking of resin skills, I am more afraid of taking off too much and making it so that the axes don't sit properly afterwards on the handle.

The main piece of it is quite huge. And the hair.. OMG.. that beard is nicely sculpted but damn if that is not going to completely toss me into a spiral of headaches to come! But it is a decent chunk of resin to paint up in the end, and I am really looking forward to it.

And painting it I will! It was immediately on my list of things to paint the MOMENT I saw it on facebook last year. To have it in my hand now, I have no less motivation to paint it and I am hoping I can do it proud! This will be one of the main pieces for my displays this year so am looking forward to getting a start on it. Most likely first thing in the new year I will get going on it, depending on how much current projects go!

So in the end, I am a bit bias on this piece cause I already fell in love with it before it was released commercially. And then getting it at a show, and having it in hand it is great. The details are fantastic. The sculpt is perfect. And the size it something that is a decent one. Not too large to scare off everyone, but not too small as to lose or sacrifice details.

Overall, a definitive buy for anyone who likes to paint busts, and likes dwarfs. Or like me.. just like painting dwarfs! For those in Europe, you can buy him from here for 50 euros before shipping. Or in UK, you can grab him here for 48.50 GBP shipping included.

Hope you enjoyed the small review! I need to go and investigate some colors and schemes for it now!


  1. Replies
    1. It is beyond amazing! Such a great kit and one that I have been drooling over for far too long here!

  2. thx for the review
    The photos really proof that you defintly get some fine quality for your money

    1. Yup. the piece and their quality is perfect really. Very little flash on them as well, and in decent spots to not wreck the details!

  3. Great model i love too . i think one of may next .
    Cheers .

    1. I look forward to seeing it on your desk and how you paint it up then! Very curious indeed!

  4. The detail is fantastic and the paint job two ways is a nice touch. Thanks for the pictures and best of luck in the upcoming Paint Off.

    1. I love how they have he double paint jobs for it. It is perfect for such a piece!

      And yeah, am looking forward to how I get on with the paint challenge indeed ;)

  5. I can't get over the detail in that beard. Wow. That is incredible!

    1. The beard will be the death of me. I still have nightmares of the beard from the Scibor one.. at least one this doesn't look like it was sculpted with a real sized ax!


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