Tuesday, November 4, 2014

FER Miniature Review - NCO, Highlander 1915

So while at the Euro I had the chance to pick up one of the, then, unreleased pieces from the as yet un-named company called Fernando Ruiz Miniatures. In particular, the NCO Argyle & Sutherland Highlanders 1915. Quite happy to have the ability to do a proper review of it so quickly after the new online store was opened!

Let us have a look at the piece and what it inside!

Right away we can see the new packaging from Fernando. A snap shut plastic case, with the box art painting made from Fernando himself. Something that is very historically accurate ( I assume, can't be arsed to check :) ).

Here you can see what is inside the case. A plastic baggy with the resin bits, but also a nice little poppy pin that goes with it.

I applied it to my Massive Voodoo painting apron along with my other pins that I have collected to from other sources.

Once outside of the main plastic baggy, you can see all the larger pieces here. And the smaller baggy with the head and hand/gun.

Now it was at this point that I always check for mold lines, and resin vents.

Here you can see the only 3 parts that have mold lines. Not terrible by a long shot actually.. and fairly easy to clean up.

I did originally think that the massive lines down the center of the arms were horrible mold lines though. Seems I am a complete boob with regards to historical uniforms. But it seems, looking at the box art, that they are part of the piece and need to be kept. Good thing since they would be a complete pain to scrape off there.

All the pieces laid out.. this is a nice piece at 75mm tall ( or roughly 3 inches tall ). Will be fun to paint up in the future ( maybe for Euro next year? ). Though I will not stick to the full historical standards, cause I really want to attempt another tartan pattern on the kilt here. I suspect a family tartan could work here ;) Let's see this for a future piece and see what happens.

You can find him for sale here for 38 Euros + shipping. Honestly, considering the price, size, and quality.. that is a bargin!

In the meantime.. have a look at the website for Fernando Ruiz Miniatures. Suspect to see more on the site in time, and some from his previous adventures H&V Miniatures also. I still have a few from them that will be a ton of fun to paint up.

Hope you enjoyed this little review though, and keep an eye out.. will be having a chit chat with the man himself, Fernando, soon enough about his new adventures! I might even post it here for all to read :D


  1. Very nice lee! Looking forward to the painting of this guy!

    1. Me too.. just have to think on how I will paint it up and what colors to use. Can't do it the same as FER.. need to add my own spin to it ;)

  2. Replies
    1. It is an interesting piece indeed here. Great casting with it as well!

  3. This is 75mm right? Had difficulties seeing that in the first picture.
    Looking forward how you paint that. Definitely out of my league :)

    1. Yeah, it is 75mm mate. Guess I need to work with my camera skills ;) Don't have a Nikon, but my Sony should do the trick if I can just remember to use it instead of my cell phone :D

      And not out of your league mate... just something that is outside of your comfort zone at the moment :)

    2. Have you joined the "Get out of your comfort zone" club? There are tons of videos about that at the moment :)
      But you're right. Painting normal models is at the moment already out of my zone, unbelievable how fast you forget everything.

  4. Those are some very nice figures, good luck with the tartan :)
    ps. Love that Ramborilla picture, want hoody and Tshirt

    1. The Ramborilla image is from my MV Apron ;)
      And yeah, will need some luck with the tartan indeed. Let's see how it goes though :D


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