Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Scale 75 - Captain Ahab

I figured with the sheer amount of pieces that I have kicking around my office these days.. I should probably show some of them off and give my 2 cents on them. You saw the review of the Fernando Ruiz Highlander last week, and maybe I can keep Tuesdays open for reviews going forward. Let's see anyways!

For this week, I have Captain Ahab, from Scale 75. I have begun to really enjoy the larger scale models ( as can be seen from some of the pieces I paint up ) but haven't taken the dive into the Scale 75 world too much due out of fear.

Yes.. Fear. Cause the quality of the pieces, and the people painting them make them look amazing! And this one is no different!

For this piece was made from Banshee, Alfonoso Giraldes, while he was working for Scale75. Everything from the concept, to the sculpting, to the design, to the paint, to the box art, to the final finished product ( as far as I know ), he had a hand or did it himself! And since I have a bit of a man crush on him these days and his painting style, I decided to pick one of them up while at the Euro show a few weeks back.

What's inside the box though?

You can see that it comes in a few pieces here. Interestingly is that the body is a single cast. Quite nice to have that there! Though some of the smaller pieces like the hand, right arm are separate for good reason. As are the pack and gun.

What I did struggle to understand is the 2 strips attached to the flash there in the middle. It was not until I began to dry fit the model together, that I realized that they are straps for the pack! Oh DEAR LORDY! Why Alfonoso? Why must you make such an intricate piece where straps are actually used as they are meant to be used, and the pack was not just magically hanging there off his hips??

Great piece of detailing, but will cause me some trouble when I attempt to paint it in parts and then assemble it. But challenges are good!

There is some flash on the model ( under his foot was needed to be thinned to fit into the boards ) but for the larger pieces here they were quite clean.

I think the most it will require is a Milliput wash to let the paint stick to it better while painting.

The pipe will need to be fully deflashed, but it is a tiny piece so it is not really too surprising that it has some on it. Though it is quite a bit. The rest are cast quite nicely and overall the prep should be easy on this.

Not sure when I will paint it up, but I am hopeful to have it as part of my displays in the coming year ( or 2! ). Let's see what comes of it.

Overall, I think I paid around 30 GBP for it at the show ( can't fully remember but that sounds about right ) and for the sheer weight of the model, let alone the details I think it is worth it. Especially considering how many angles on the box it shows of the box art painted piece, and how well it is sandwiched between 2 layers of foam!

Currently you can pick it up from here for 41.32+VAT+Shipping.

My only real concern with it is that once I do get it painted up I will love the scale so much that I will end up buying more! I think that poor Ronin of mine started something dangerous to me! First it, then this, and the Highlander from FER??? What's next???


  1. Thanks for the review. Really nice model.
    It is said (and I had this experience too with "Invocatio" the magician) that fitting of the pieces is quite bad for Scale75 models. Could you please tell us something about that? Probably it will influence your decision of painting it in parts...
    Do you know whether Scale75 improved in this matter in general?
    Best regards,

    1. I will have to wait until I get around to the assembly of it as there is a bit of flash on the model. But honestly right now it seems to line up perfectly. Once I took a bit of flash off the bottom of the boots, they fit into the planks great. The head fit the body perfectly. The back works great so far, but I need to figure out the straps and hand still as there is flash or casting pieces on them that I need to work on more.
      Will see.. but looking forward to painting it in the next year!

  2. Nice review, thank you. Man I could drop so much money at scale 75, I'm hoping Santa is going to bring me Sphynx and BlackJack. Also any paints he wants to throw in wouldn't go amiss :)

  3. That that looks interesting, I remember seeing this at Euro, but can't wait to see what you do with it.


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