Friday, November 28, 2014

Great Scots! And a trip away...

So Wednesday night I had some time to kill, and a desire to paint more Scotsmen!

Here be the last of the original 6pt boxset for Saga all on their sockets with blutac, primed, and with the first color ( steel green? ) applied.

My goal for them was to get them finished quickly, easily, and without a lot of fuss! Also I wanted a very limited palette of colors on them as they are mostly farmers and lowborn peasants from the countryside.

So I continued with muted colors, like off browns, and khakis. Fabric colors that would be easy to create in the dark ages!

Simple brown bases as always... just waiting some tufts of grass here and there.. Though you can see the last 8 ( non starter pack ) warriors sitting in the back there waiting for their turn.

For Skin I took a different approach compared to the others. For these, I figured that they were out in the farms often, and under what little sun might exist up on the northern part of this island! Also makes them stand out compared to the warriors, hearthguards, and Warlord himself!

And finally some simple light browns for the bows. Some darker browns for the leather belts and quivers. And now just waiting for the GW Washes to bring some depth to some of the colors here.

Just waiting on the grass sections..

And all finished!

Clan photo of the whole faction together! Just missing the shields still but that will come after the last 8 warriors get done and I can decide on some designs for them to paint up!

In other news.. as much as I love the Scots.. this weekend will be all about the Swedes instead! For I am off to my annual pilgrimage to see my good friend Burak for our combined birthday bash, who is currently stationed in Gothenburg for work! Never been to Sweden, so I guess this is as good of a time as any to go!

Expect a small write up of whatever I do remember from the trip, and whatever photos I can scrounge up afterwards that are still safe to post online ;)

Enjoy the weekend, and expect more content next week!


  1. Tremendous and great to see them altogether like that Mr. Lee - a formidable bunch indeed.

    1. Thanks Michael.. though looking now the photos are not the best.. will take much better ones ( and with scenery maybe? ) when I get the shields and last 8 warriors finished!

  2. Lovely figures! Cool to see the transition from "gray-scale" to fully painted and based.

  3. Jeepers. Still fast, still good and fast. Still never home. We need to catch up in the new year Mr Lee, I'm sure I still owe you...

  4. Have a good time in Sweden. Just don't be too shocked about the prices there :)


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