Friday, March 1, 2013

Guest Tutorial - Lava Bases

So today I have a quick tutorial made by one of the local painters here in Turkey, Mert from Ankara. I have to say that after seeing it posted to a local forum, I had to get in touch with him and see if I could share it with others.

Hope you enjoy this, and I hope to be able to show more of his work in the future!

The tutorial is for his 2D effects for Lava Bases. I have done something similar but in 3D previously, but his technique is one that just screams awesome.. have a look below on how it is done! Below is the translation of the original forum post.

I am using for the following materials for the effect of lava It does not even have to have intermediate colors, as long as red, yellow, black and whites are there.

I put together a little black plastic and on the base both large and small pieces. After a check for light to put on the model, it is worth a look there to see where the light might come from. You can modify it at that time far further to create more light shadows as needed.

Stones placed close to the bottom of the base and primed. After drying, liberal darkflesh is painted in wave traces to create an outlines

I started to take on the waves of the Red exchange as above, if the orientation of progress in a more realistic light is visible brush strokes.

Then I drew in Blood red with the first wave and went over the tracks, and line the bottom of bubbles spotted.

Now use the thin paint brush. Blazing orange paint and using a smaller amount of previous and carefully pass through the fields.

I repeat do the same with golden yellow, layers of attention and patience ratio is increasing or decreasing.

Golden yellow 1/1 white skull end portions have applied the rate of volume of bubbles in the line slightly to give you the illusion of heat around them.

Skull end portions touched with white, and the upper part fixed on the base with Adeptus battle gray and then drybrushed with codex grey.

And there you have it.. the final base completed to a realistic lava effect ready for either the gaming or display table.

You can see the final effect on the Draigo model at the top of the page!

Thanks again from Mert in Ankara, Turkey for this great tutorial, and am looking forward to seeing more of his work soon! In the meantime check out his Deviantart page here!


  1. This looks amazing! I will definitely try it out, thanks for sharing :)

    1. Glad you like.. figured that something this good had to be shared with a wider audience! Glad to promote such things from others!

  2. Very nice tutorial thanks to you both. Have bookmarked it :D

    1. Glad you like it mate.. am going to give it a shot soon as well! Really like how it turned out!

  3. Hola

  4. I think the glow on the rocks should be a bit stronger but apart from that the result is stunning! -Gerrie

  5. I'm actually curious about your obsidian, any guides to doing great obsidian?


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