Monday, March 4, 2013

Infinity: Nomad Morlock

I finally finished the base for this Infinity Nomad Morlock model. The model itself has been finished for a while, but it is the process of transferring to a resin base that has just eluded me for the past few weeks.

Things I liked about this model was that it has a lot of dynamic movement to it.. not sure I did enough for it to be shown well enough but I really tried to make it pop a lot like the last Morlock. Bright and out of the norm for the rest of the forces.

Green hair, with a semi-normal skin tone. I tried to make the shadows have a bit of green in them, but I don't think I went far enough with it.

I like how the blue came out, but then again I like to paint blue so that is not really surprising.

Biggest thing that I don't like however is how the weapon itself came out. I tried something new, and well not all new styles or tricks work out.. oh well.. lesson learned.

While putting it to the base, her left arm popped off! Argh!!! It was beyond hell trying to get it back on, and then to try to make up the colors again. And considering how small these models are it was not a lot of fun.

Sorry for some blurry photos.. I got a new camera last week and I am still figuring it out. Am hoping to figure it out better over the coming weeks and have better quality photos in time. But we will see won't we now?


  1. Touch of the samurai to this one too; great job Sir.

    1. Hola Amigo
      Magnifica figura y una muy buena pintura,un esquema de colores muy atrevidos y muy guapos,

    2. Thanks both. A little bit of sci-fi samurai indeed, and some bold colors for a bold little fighter!

  2. loved it mate, especially the pants.

    btw, did you notice that it s been a while since we last played infinity :(

    hope your new cam works for you.

    1. Indeed.. been far too long.. next time we meet rematches are required.. To TAG or not to TAG.. that is the question though ;)

  3. Nicely done, certainly very fiddly these figures I have a one or two built but not painted yet.

  4. Very interesting figure , great paint Mr Lee

  5. I like the green hair, very different. Great highlights on that cloak btw.


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