Monday, March 18, 2013

Daemons of Chaos and 50k Views!

So another unit for my Daemons had been completed! This is a project that I had hoped to get finished sooner, but time, effort, energy and commissions conspired against me!

With the new rules, Horrors are not as good as they once were. They still get to cast spells, but are not able to become lvl 4 mages as they once were, but instead a level 1 with extra casting ability depending on how large they are. So in this case, a unit of 20 would be a Lvl 1, with +3 to cast. Or something like that..

Not the best paint job, as I was getting bored with them halfway through. Not the best thing to say about something, but I am OK with it, since they are for my personal collection!

In other news.. my blog hit 50,000 views over the weekend! Wow! Can't say anything about that other than I am super happy that it has happened and can't wait to see what the next 50,000 will bring! It has been a roller-coaster so far, so I can only expect the next 50 to be the same!

Enjoy the unit, and some more items are coming this week... along with me heading to Germany once more for yet another painting workshop. This time with crew from Massive Voodoo! Who just finished their first workshop and I will be joining the follow up of it. Quite excited for this, and really can't wait to be there!


  1. Hola
    pues muy buena te a quedado la unidad,contrasta y quedan muy bien ese tono de piel,con el frio de las lenguas y las llamas de las manos y peanas en caliente.
    un saludo

  2. Now they look nice! Great shading on the purple! Congrats on the 50k hits as well!!

  3. You do yourself a disservice they look excellent and are very smooth.


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