Wednesday, March 6, 2013

WIP Wed... Khorne Terminators!

A "couple" of Khorne Terminators are getting ready for their oil treatment.. All the main parts are covered off and done, and so it is just a matter of darkening them up, and then re-touching the reds in some parts.

Things I really liked about this is unit is how the eyes of the helms came out, and how the black parts were done. I tried new things on both, and I think they were successful! Though I might do an additional layer on the blacks to make the reflection a bit better.

As you can see.. many parts.. many models ( at least for terminators ) and their bases are finished. I think they also came out much better than previous bases. I am getting better at this! Surprisingly!

Hoping I can get them finished by Friday and can begin to work on another unit..

1 comment:

  1. Hola Amigo
    MUY buenos esos exterminadores,me gusta el toque de verde con las armaduras en rojo,si te puedo dar una sugerencia¿?para resaltar mas las garras las perfilaria en un amarillo hielo,sobre todo las aristas y bordes,pero lla sabes es una opinion tu la tienes en mano


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