Friday, March 22, 2013

Blood Angel Banners

So while in Germany ( and before taking off ) our resident artist friend Mert from Ankara has provided more content for another Guest Post! Yay!

This time around it is the update of his Blood Angel Dreadnaught banners for his, well.. Blood Angel army!

I am always amazed at what some people can do in the world of art, and with Mert that is no exception!

So taking his favorite impressions and visuals from the 40k universe and combined with his love for all things Blood Angels, he has come up with some truly unique banners!

What's more.. he wants to share them with others! Great stuff!!

Have a look at the banners, feel free to download and re-use as you wish ( so long as you credit this Turkish artist while doing so! ) and comment if you would like to see more from Mert in the future!

More photos below, including shots showing them attached to his current collection of dreadnaughts. It is like a fashion show for vehicles!

"Before shot showing his older banners"

"After shot with the updated banners! Quite the improvement!"

Keep an eye out, as Mert has also stated that he would like to do more of his great tutorials in the future for us here at Mr Lee's! I am still going back to his Lava Tutorial for inspiration and to try it for my own!

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  1. Wow they are sweet. Freehand is a true skill. The old banners were good and the new ones are great. Thanks


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