Friday, March 8, 2013

Project UK: Khorne Terminators!

What's better than Khorne Berzerkers? Khorne Terminators of course! And here be 10 of them ready for the tables.

First 5 would be the ranged versions.. why have ranged versions to begin with though.. like really.. but whatever.. I think they will cause mayhem as needed from the range and then go in with their chainfist to bust up vehicles and other squishy members of the opposition..

Then the real heavy hitters.. outfitted with a heavy flamer, combi flamer, and 3 sets of lightning claws!

Have to say thanks to the Space Wolf commission for the lightning claws, cause the Chaos Terminators boxset comes with a severe lack of them! So these Khornites stole them from the corpses of dead Space Wolves! They were the only pieces that allowed these guys to look like they have any movement. The rest were a bit too difficult to make that happen based on the pieces. Wonder if GW will ever fix this kit to give it more movement or not?!?!

And below are a couple of close ups of some of these Khornites!

"The wolverine of the bunch... "

"Blocking an attack from above before striking from below.. "

"Wait.. what is that over there.. rawr!"

"High five anyone? "

"Death from above.. who needs planes!"

"That is the direction your head will go.. "

"Where'd that guy go for the high five?"

"Straight to business here.. "

"Oooo what do I have here... "

"A Reaper Autocannon!?!?! WTF do I need this for?!?!?!"

So that is the units as they stand for now. Next up for this project will be some left over Catachans that found their way into this batch. Should be quick to do up. I am also finishing up the Nephilim fighters.. just doing up some magnets for the central gun, and seeing that will work out for me..

Enjoy the weekend!


  1. Very nice terminators, the posing of the clawites are very nice :)

    1. Indeed.. they really fit for Khorne Terminators.

  2. These look great but the green on the claws really seal the deal, these look GREAT


    1. Thanks Ian. I took the advice ( sort of ) from JD and made them go up to yellow! No Ice Yellow in my paint rack ( OMG I DONT HAVE A COLOR!!! ) but I used a bright Yellow from my Oil range for them to get a better smoothness to them. Glad you like!

  3. The captions made me lol. A couple of questions: first, why no drilled barrels? Second, I saw you mention the use of oils on these Khorne minis. Could you tell us more about how and why you went about that?

    1. Thanks mate.. glad you liked the captions!
      No barrels drilled yet, but mostly cause I usually mess them up. Might go back and do them if the client wants it.
      Oil washes and painting. I first saw it from BuyPainted's youtube channel while doing up power armor. But I do it more now to get a darker black or brighter colors near the end. So I think a black to almost water levels, and then almost dip it. Then I can do back and clean it up with thinner to remove the wash from spots that I didn't want them. The red oil color I used to make certain parts brighter or to work against the black.

      I might have to do up an article on this to show how I do it if others like it. But there are a ton of tutorials out there from others that do it much better! Am still learning myself :)

  4. Awesome work. They look great.

    1. Thanks Brummie. Glad they turned out as well as they did! So much detail on them!

  5. Hola Amigo
    MUY BUENOS,si señor una gran escuadra,y me alegra de que hicieras lo de las garras,quedan muy bien y mucho mas agresibas.

    1. Gracias JD.
      Tomó su consejo y ha añadido algo de amarillo los bordes de las uñas. No tenía hielo amarillo, sino que se utiliza un aceite de color amarillo y creo que la transición salió mucho mejor de lo que esperaba. Va a experimentar con la pintura al óleo en los modelos más pronto, pero mantén los comentarios que viene y consejos sobre cómo mejorar el aspecto / sensación de los modelos! Muy apreciado como siempre!


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