Thursday, March 7, 2013

Throw back Thursday.. Nurgle Daemon Prince

Figured I would do a throw back to some older models in my collection now that I have a new camera. And what is better to do a throw back then to my older Daemon models. More so since Daemons are all the rage ( for better or worse ) at the moment due to their new release.

This is from Ultraforge of Canada, before it was sold to some American group.

I use him purely for 40k hence the round base on him. The rock base he is on came with the model as well, and you can see that I use him "so much" due to the amount of dust on the base as well.. ughh..

This was painted back when I thought I knew what I was doing, and I was really happy with the job done on it. Now, not so much. I know where I would correct it or do better. Though I still like how the blade came out!

Thanks for looking and hopefully I have the Khorne Terminators finished and posted up tomorrow!


  1. He's quite an interesting fellow, and I too like what you did with the blade.
    However, I'm loving your Khorne stuff – look forward to seeing the next lot finished!

    1. Thanks DT.. you won't have to wait long though as the Terminators got finished last night and will be up tomorrow :)

  2. Great look Mr lee , very nice paint, a character that we want to see the night ;)

  3. He looks like a great Brawlers love the rusty blade as well its perfect for the pose. Nice work buddy.

  4. Hola Amigo
    Mola si señor,es el tipico tio que uno quiere ver de noche JAJAJA
    El efecto de la cuchilla precioso
    un saludo


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