Friday, January 31, 2014

Joining the 5-th-dimension painting group!

This is with great pleasure that I get to announce that I have been asked, and accepted to join, the 5-th-dimension crew! They even did a small interview with me to see what kind of painter or person I am!

So what does this mean for this old blog here? Will I give it up? Will I let it fall into the darkness to wallow in its misery of disuse?

Nooooo.. never...

But it does mean that I will now have another location to show off some of my pieces. I will be looking to change my style a bit for their blog in that I will focus more on my showcase painting pieces. Whereas here I will still be showing off my daily work and other pieces here.

Exciting times ahead though, and I can see myself pushing my limits and style a bit more in time now with more external motivation!

So let's see how it goes, and what the future brings!

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Package from Germany.. again!

Another package from Germany arrived recently as well.. this time from around the Hamburg region.

As you can tell from the snow effect, the artist has spent a bit of time in it while painting this as it came out quite nicely!

What is cool, is that it came from Arne. A painter whom I have had the opportunity to chat with in great lengths about the painting scene and how to progress myself in painting. So to have one of his pieces, especially Druss the Legend is quite something indeed.

It is another piece that is going to allow me to look at how someone did something, and look to recreate it. Here I have a nice opportunity to see NMM Steel, as well as some ice/snow effects to replicate.

And here we are from the BAM workshops in Hamburg trying to look all cool and such.

But yeah, so when Arne put up Druss for sale here, it was another no brainer for me to pick it up. Half for the quality of it, the other half for the respect of the artist selling it. And the other half cause he is a cool guy, and my math is horrible :)

Now if only he could free up some more time to paint some more, or at least update his new blog things would be awesome. But for now.. I will just be content of having another piece of his in my collection ( as he had given me a model of a truck with massive weathering at the BAM workshop. A different piece to study and work from for mud/weathering/dust effects ).

Ok.. and hopefully I can now focus and put into words the workshop from last weekend in Berlin! Enjoy!

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Package from Roman Lappat!

So after a weekend away in Germany, attending Matt Cexwish's basing working in Berlin, I come home to find a parcel waiting for me!

I have to say that I am quite surprised to see a shoebox from a very good designer waiting for me at the post office though. I did not know that Roman knew my shoe size, let alone what style or color I might like. Though, it is Roman, and he is a good judge of color and such.. so I should be in safe hands here :) 

Of course when opening it, I get a different surprise.. there are no shoes! What a let down here... I mean.. who wouldn't want a pair of Massive Voodoo branded shoes?!?! It would go well with the shirt and apron I wore during the workshop over the weekend ( more news on that coming soon.. promise! ). 

Oh well.. time to dig through it all and see what lies beneath the paper and plastic. 

German candies! Of course.. Roman knows that I have had a not so smooth transition to UK from Turkey, and through of getting me some comfort foods to feel better. What a nice guy right? Though the box is a bit large to just send candies.. I guess I should continue to look inside.. 

Oh how wonderful.. packing bubbles.. A great stress reliever when things go south. I have spent many an hour in previous jobs popping the bubbles to calm myself. What a great guy that Roman character is.. seriously.. Candies and now Bubble Wrap.. He sure knows how to settle a man's nerves and put him back on the path of painting.. doesn't he?

Though, while going about popping bubbles, I found that there was something more inside.. wonder what it is.. 

Well holy sh1t batman.. it looks to be some painted models! Wowzers! Never would have guessed that coming from Roman.. I mean, it's not like his job is painting models or anything.. let alone sending them off to new homes.. who would have thunk it?!?!

Actually this is pretty cool. The top model is Leokylus Cruikshankulus from Sparta. A model that Roman painted up after seeing that one of the 1/72 scale Zvezda that we thought looked like me. So he painted another version of it, and here it arrives at my doorsteps!

He definitely looks like me though. I mean those steady eyes, those glistening muscles, and of course the goatee of ultimate power ( which currently is more like a fuzzy beard of laziness ). Really awesome to see this, and he has already gone into my new display case to show off to others.

The rest of the gang, well that was an impulse purchase.. kinda..

This was more to help me push my painting further. I have been thinking about it for a while now, but have decided that buying the books, the videos, and going to the classes are all well and good. But having some real life examples in hand that I can study and refer back to is even better. And the style of these guys, and the mood that they convey are just something that really makes me wish to learn the style a bit more.

Although I don't have the game, I think they will help me along with painting up some of the other limited edition models I have from other kickstarters that I want to have this kind of look and feel to. So let's see how I can go about to make it happen.

Again, thanks goes out to Roman for them. Especially the Roman. My son also saw the resemblance right away, so you can be sure that it will be something that he will reference in school or when people come over to drinks or tea ( they do that here in UK.. so strange ).

Now to get back to work, and look at some more articles for this blog.. cheers!

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

WIP: Goblin King

Just a quick photo of the Goblin King in progress.. I am still having a lot of fun with this model, and really playing around with some of the layers on it. Though it is for gaming, so I don't expect to take it much further actually, but it was a good exercise to work on some finer details around the eyes and face. Am hoping to get it finished before Friday, but we will see how time goes..


Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Steampunk girl bust...

So after the Dwarf Bust.. I have still had the urge to tackle another large piece.

Well as luck would have it, I have found my next muse. And what a Muse it is!!!

This gem of a bust, which you can see is quite large ( yes that is a Hobbit Goblins beside it for scale purposes ), and it is nicely detailed up as well.

Sculpted by the ever so talented Lee Blair of Manchester, he did a remarkable job of capturing the image of a one Miss Kato.

Formally a UK native, gone American now.

So once I saw that it was officially for sale, and my move to the UK finalized. Well.. it was a no brainer to just order one on up!

To give a small breakdown of the purchase experience.. it is quite simple. Heading over to Fantasy Realms as the middle man ( UK LOVES their middlemen ) for the transaction, I soon got a message from Lee via Facebook! Seeing as I had friended him previously, and been following the progress of this piece for a bit as well.

He would go on to inform me the time lines for when I might receive my Steampunk girl, and being open about the fact that he was waiting on some resin to show up before he could cast my copy of her.

Also then updating me on the status of it through the week+ while he worked to create it.

What is funny is that he would go on to send it off on a Friday afternoon, only for me to receive it the next morning! If I haven't said it before, I will say it now.. I really like being over here in the UK when things like this happen. If I were still in Turkey, I am not sure when it might have arrived in the end, and how much I would have paid in customs for such a large piece.

Looking the piece over though, I can see a lot of details on it. A bit more that are even present on his studio paint job ( sorry, but its true! ). So I look forward to tackling this piece as my new signature piece after the Dwarf Bust.

I won't say that the casting is perfect. There is a bit of a mold line along the back of it, the ears need a bit of cleaning up, and one of the eyes has a slip of resin on it. But honestly these are minor in comparison to what I have seen with pieces from the E2046 site, or worse from GW Finecast or FW Resin pieces. So this will not take too long to prep up and get ready for painting. I can foresee some Milliput White washes, and maybe some GS work to smooth out a few pieces, but that would be more personal taste more than anything.

As for color scheme.. I am still thinking on that part. Though I might go with the latest photo from Kato's page where she is standing beside one of her dressing dolls ( shown to the right ). It might not be the more contrasting piece, and it will be difficult to pull off her colors, but I think it will be a good reflection of her overall.

Now to go away for a bit and look up some methods to painting a very pale, but feminine skin tone.. That should be interesting in and unto itself!

Hope you like.. and let's see how long it takes to do up this beauty! Cheerio!

Monday, January 20, 2014

More Goblins from Goblin Town...

Finally got around to painting up the last batch of 12 Goblins from the Hobbit boxset. Again taking another scheme on them to see how it would work out here.

Personally I like it.. and the difference gives me something to play on more in the future.

As a group though, the still fit nicely together. Don't you think?

A nice chittering horde of Goblins rushing at you.. regardless of blade, club or mallet in hand.

So this puts the horde down.. up on the table for Hobbit is the Captain, the named guy ( too lazy to look it up ), the Scribe, the King, and some parts of his chair..

I should probably just finish off the rest of the platforms but am also too lazy for that..

No idea when I will tackle the dwarves themselves though. I think I might be painting them one by one actually. So that should be interesting.. but hopefully not too time consuming as I have another project that I really want to sink into. Not to mention that I should be doing some comms works here also.. Will begin to assemble them soon enough!

Cheers and hope your Monday is not too soul destroying for you!

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Posting and commenting..

This is pretty much how I feel at the moment. With the move to the UK, and onto a new work network, it seems my ability to access Blogger is varied at best. Mostly due to time restraints and getting used to a new environment.

OK.. this is normal granted. However there is another problem on the network.. they have blocked access to comment on blogs! Particularly the ones on Google Blogger.

Which mean, that although I "sometimes" have time to read and check out other blogs, I can't comment on them! ARGH!!!!

And with home life changes as well, time to post and view blogs at home are limited. Need to figure out a solution this and pronto!

So just want to give a shout out to all the bloggers who are following me, and let them know that I am reading a ton of their article. And am loving some of the things coming out as well.. but just not able to comment at the moment. Expect some mass spam over the weekends in the near and forgoing future though :) Promise!

Ok... rant over.. back to life.. which is also sucking up time to paint or do hobby items :(

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Mice and Mystics

So this is a new one for my blog.. a boardgame unboxing! Over the holidays I ordered a few boardgames from Wayland Games due to their extra 5% discount, and free shipping ( which is good since most boardgames cost extra for shipping! ).

Mostly I am doing this as I have quite a few boardgames coming from Kickstarters throughout this year. And again, this makes it better for getting me ( and the family? ) into gaming. Be it tabletop or boardgames.

With the first one, I figured why not picking one that is just straight up interesting. I mean, a boardgame with mice as the main characters.. have seen it shown up a few times in the past and thought it might be a good piece also since it can be played with 1-4 players. Also, since it has so few pieces to it there should not be any problems for painting up the game pieces quickly.

But here are a couple shots of the parts within the box itself.

First thing when picking up the box though is that it is quite a decent weight to it.

And when opening it, we can see that it is very full.

I am quite happy with regards to this as the cost of it is not terrible, but you always want to make sure that your money goes a good ways. More so with something like a boardgame itself.

But immediately the pieces feel of good quality. Will see how it goes in time, but at least initially the pieces and such are looking good.

Initially you can see the books and player cards. I think this is really cool that they have a rulebook, a scenario book, and the character cards. Takes some of the prep out of the game, and allows people to start up quickly if needed ( or if trying to show others or play with little ones ).

Then there is some clock thing.. and to be honest without reading the rulebook I have no idea what it is for. But I would assume it is a counter or count down for things to happen within the game itself. Apparently it is the story control board.. but I think counter or count down naming works nicely :)

But the best part is the game board pieces. 8 double sided game boards. And they are solid pieces here. After my Sediation Wars board game where the boards got warpped minutes from taking them out of the box. Not such a problem here though considering how long it took me to take photos and have a gander at the pieces fully. No warpage at the moment. But I am liking the pieces so far, and some of the designs.. won't show them all here.. but will in future posts.. promise :)

Really looking forward to play testing this later.. maybe even this weekend? If sime allows.

Some nice tokens.. Not quite sure how well they will be to punch out, but I like the designs on them all the same. Will have to find more small zip lock bags to put them in. Though there is a nice space in the box to hold them if required though.

Some nice cards. I think they might be scenario ( Encounters gives it away I think ), skills, items, etc that the mice can pick up through their adventure.

And a bag of models!!!! YAY!!!!

The bad guys.. looks to be 6 giant rat henchmen, 8 coachroachs, a spider and an earworm? Not sure how difficult they are, but I am sure I will find out soon enough. And with all the other boardgames coming throughout the year ( like Myth! ) I am sure I can bring in a few more opponents for the Mice to take on. But these should be fairly simple to paint up though, just need to think of a proper basing style for them.. probably something a bit earthy but will see.

These guys are looking pretty cool though. Medival Mice adventurers! I am really looking forward to painting them up.

Now the only question is when will I get the chance to paint them? Though considering how few pieces they are, they might make it up ahead of the line a bit. More so to get in a game or 2 and see how well it plays out.

But so far the game is looking pretty cool just from the contents. Looking forward to this one quite a bit actually.

Anyone out there played it before? Have any advice? :) Cheers for now!

Monday, January 13, 2014

The Hobbit - An Unexpected Journey....

Yay painted models! Like, actually finished, painted models! Ok, fine they are just gaming models for the table top.. and not that well done to be honest. But still.. first painted models for the year and honestly much needed atm.. With all the unpacking and trying to get settled, plus all the running around over the holidays etc.. it has been a chore to sit down and paint something.. Really it has!

So to get some models done and dusted is very good news for me. Hopefully this is a start of a momentum to get a lot of things finished!

To start with.. I picked up this Hobbit LE boxset after Christmas. Plan was to pick it up in time for Xmas, but the poor guy running our local store was stuck and thus I did not get a chance to. Probably my fault for leaving it for absolutely last second ( there are reasons, but none that I want to talk on a blog about unfortunately ).

Reason for the purchase was to get the little guy into wargaming. And also to have an excuse to pick up some new models :) Am always a sucker for new models.. and I have seen enough tutorials around showing them off that well, why not pick them up and do a batch of my own. Check out what Corvus was doing with his first batch of Goblins, or check out what Garfy has to say on the whole range over at Tale of Painters! I keep going back to these posts to check them out, and see the different styles being used. All are great and helped to inspire me to keep going :)

First batch ( picture above ) was done very quickly. I think maybe 4 hrs all told for the 12 of them. Most of the time was actually spent waiting for the putty on the bases and the white glue on top of the rocks to dry. To which I let that sit for about 3 or 4 days.. not because it needed it just because I was too busy with other things :)

For colors though I tried a purple to dead flesh transition on them. Not the best run, but it came out OK I think. Had a bit of a thinned version of purple wash going on them as well. Most wood/leather sections got the same brown treatments with some delvan mud washes. Swords with metal colors.. but I did try the new technical color from GW, Hyza Rust. Have to say that I like it.. gives the color I like from the CMON tutorial for 3 step rust. Just washed it with some thinned brown ink and drybrushed more silver on top.

Only part that I really hated after doing it was the hair. I should not have painted it brown. Stupid move there, wrecked the image of the models for me. Though I used some more of the GW dry paints to just drybrush over it a bit more. Liked it a bit more.. and like the rough painting style that comes with the drybrushing on these models. Makes them stand out a bit more and no effort really needed.. great for gaming pieces that a little one might be manhandling later on.

The second batch of 12 goblins took me far longer to paint.. maybe 6 or 7 hrs in total. But this was due to me punting around with ideas on colors again. Settled this time with a base of Dark Sea Blue instead of purple. Though I also did not drybrush as much on top of these guys with other brown/beige colors it is still apparent on a few pieces all the same.

Rest of the pieces were done the same though, but I really like how these came out better. Not sure if I will continue like this with the last 12 + captain + grinash + scribe... but will see. Might go another route altogether for them just to make them look really random.

Biggest thing some might notice.. I didn't dot the eyes. These are gaming pieces for me.. I don't think they need it nor warrant it. Will see what the little guy says when he looks at them while we try to play.

You can see in the top photo, and again ( same photo ) below.. how they look together..

I think they work nicely as a mix. Maybe the next ones will be a bit more red or blue instead of the brown and greens that have creeped up here. I think the variation will be cool for gaming. Also makes it easier for me if I ever buy more goblins to play with as they don't have to match anything specifically.

Last bits were the wooden ramps for the Goblin Town that I painted up quickly. Lots of wet on wet painting here with browns, whites, beige
, greens, blues, blacks, etc.. you get the point. And then some drybrushing with a massive brush to bring out some of the details.

Not the best, but again for the table it will look nice. I still have the massive platforms to do, along with the Goblin King's chair to finish up.

All in all I had a lot of fun with these guys, and they are helping me to get back at painting up some Table Top models, and bring my speed back as well.

And to add to the inspiration I spent last night watching the Hobbit with the Mrs. I expect to watch it a few more times for inspiration on how to paint up the dwarfs which will be based a bit differently also. But let's see how long this takes, and how it goes.

Now to get back to work, and to continue to wait for my Wayland Games package that will be bringing me goodies from Christmas online shopping!

Hope you all enjoy this.. and will finish with a shot of the goblins on their ramps sitting in my display case for the time being! Enjoy the new week, and happy painting!

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Scibor Zombie Bust + New Years Resolution

So I have posted this already up on my Facebook wall. Mostly cause it was a quick shot to get some feedback from the Painters group that I participate in on Facebook. Mostly members of Brushbrothers forums btw.. in case you haven't checked out that forum in a while.

This is a piece to just get me back into painting, and to painting larger areas once more. Also to see after painting the UDock Wild Hunter that I am still interested in painting larger pieces ( even if this is tiny in comparison ).

Yup.. still interested.. just need to get back to playing around with colors once more. Which was also the biggest comment I have received on this bust so far.. it is too plain! Thankfully it is still in a process of WIP, and so I can update and correct it quite a bit still.

But the other point is about New Year's Resolutions.. well mine is going to just be kind of simple but also deceptively difficult to achieve I believe.. for it is to fill my new display case with high quality pieces throughout the year. Pieces that I would like to have placed in the living room and to show off to guests who might be unfortunate enough to drop by!

As you can see it is quite bare at the moment, so will be taking quite a bit of work to fill it up. And it is quite large also.. almost 6 feet tall with 5 good sized shelves to fill up! Thankfully I have a few Garage Kits to paint up this year that will take up a generous amount of space.. and I have the new Hobbit boxset that might sit on one shelf for a while just to take up space until they are all done and we can give the rules a go!

But yeah.. hope everyone else is doing well, had a good holidays.. and are getting a chance to get back at the painting queue that must have been enlarged over the holiday season. Keep an eye out.. future trip to Berlin is coming, and you know that leads to many photos and reviews! And this does not look to be any different!

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Happy New Year!!!! Year in Review...

A toast to the year behind us, and a "hip hip" to the year ahead of us. And to say that 2013 was a busy year would be an understatement for me it seems.

Although not the greatest year with regards to pure numbers of models painted ( I fell quite short this year with only 214 models completed ), but the quality of some of them really shot through the roof!

But let's see how the year went for Old Mr Lee here.. and what I got up to.... including but not forgetting this quiet spell that hit since mid-November!


Looking back, I can see that I completed not 1, but 2 Arjac Rockfist models for 2 different clients. Seems my paint job was quite good for it or something :) I also began to paint and finish up some pieces for Massive Voodoo's banalicious painting contest. Something that I am still proud of entering even though I did not place because it gave me the opportunity to see where I need to improve and to give me a baseline on where I was as a painter!

But I did have a lot of fun doing the pieces, and the feedback later in the year from Roman and Raffa was great to have!


In this month, I saw myself diving back into the UK Comms project more. Mostly working on the Cleaved variation models for the army in the form of Servators. However it was also my 7 yr Anniversary with my wife, and so as a gift I painted up a nice ceramic couple that we found at an art store in Kadikoy during a walk one weekend. By far one of my more favorite pieces to date at the moment, and something that is allowed to sit in the living room unashamed.. mostly due to the lack of weapons, guts, blood, or dirt ( Mrs Lee hates dirt in her living room! )..

I was also able to finish my first vehicle in what seemed like ages.. the Nephilim Fighter for my Dark Angels. Whom have sat in their box of despair all year since..


This would be a massive month for me.. mostly due to the trip to Augsburg to hang out with Roman in one of his beginner classes.. so pretty much the entire month was dedicated to that, and getting ready for it. I have to say that I was beyond nervous going this after my experiences in Aachen before with Stephan's class. I was not sure how I would fair compared to the rest of the class.. but that was obviously short lived after seeing the atmosphere put on by Roman, and Raffa when he was not busy with his super secret Crystal Brush entry..

I did get some more UK Comms units finished up. The Catachans, some Khorne berzerkers ( both regular and now in extra punchy Terminator armor! ). But there were mostly filler articles being done here from guest writers from Turkey helping me out.


Another crazy month for me, but this time for another reason. As the prep for my move to UK was leering at me, we needed to sell out house, and it seemed that the market was sort of in our favor cause our house sold within days of being put up for offer!

But this also means that I had to pack, and move to somewhere "temporary" in the meantime. Which meant taking down the studio... not a task I was looking forward to, that much I can say with certainty!

So there were a few more guest posts ( Thanks guys! ) and a very limited paint work that ended with 3 Plague Drones painted up in a very vibrant color scheme. To which were put to shame when I saw Ben Comet's work for GD Germany later in the year.


Here we see Mrs Lee and myself head off to Spain for a week to get away, but also some more work done on the UK Comms. This one comms batch was taking far longer than I liked and I blame it solely on my motivation to paint in general. That and all the distractions!


And June was all about the Gangers!

These guys were amazing to paint up though, and I really put the Jarhead Beginners course to good use here on the leather trenchcoats. To which I had a complete blast at painting up!

I also began to work on a converted Belial character for a Sci fi topic on Brushbrothers Forums. Though, I do not believe it turned out as nicely as I would have hoped, so more work to be done on that front in the future!


The 5 year birthday of my Son occurred this month, and we spent it with many parties. But it was also involving a lot of product reviews, and a trip to Japan! Wow! Has been over 15 yrs since I had learned the language, and realized once there that I forgot pretty much everything.


The big month for me.. this is when I began my first real showcase piece.. Alice in Wonderland.. Steampunk edition! And one of my first projects to get a really good score over on P&P as well!

But it was also my time to head back to Germany for a quick trip to Berlin to meet Bruddha Micha, and his Painting Buddha crew.. and then to head to Koln for Games Day Germany! Where my little Gobbo vs Nurgling dio got a finalist medal!


Well the travels did not stop in August though, as I was back in Hamburg, and partially Berlin, again in September! This time for a massive 11 days of painting alongside the Voodoo Crew Roman and Raffa! Taking in their advanced class, not once, but Twice!!!

First weekend was the tame one.. where I followed the rest in what to paint.. being the Brekk Bust. Or as mine was called.. the Turkish Brekk Fez! heh.. Great group of painters and peoples hanging around. Lots of talent in the class, and great people whom I hope to run into again in the future!

The time between classes was spent in Berlin whereby I picked up the piece that I would work on in the second class. And the second class is when all hell broke loose with regards to new skill levels being taken for learning how to paint! And this was due completely by the model itself.. the Wild Hunter from UDock!

It would provide me with endless ups and downs throughout those 3/4 days.. and I think I can attribute some of my new grey hairs to this piece as well!

But of course it would not get finished in that month, and the rest of September would be spent prepping my Work visa and Passport for our eventual move to the UK!


Most of the time spent here again was spent with paperwork. So the articles themselves were mostly concerning the results of BAM, and a couple of Dark Eldar models that I somehow got roped into painting for someone at the club.

I would also get a bit deep in my thoughts on the journey of painting so far, and the value of the painting classes!


Or to some Movember... but for me it was the month of the hairy dwarf.. and getting this bad boy finished before my mate's birthday in Izmir! Was a tough run, but I managed to get it to a spot that I was comfortable with, and was able to give it to him in person.

Now in hindsight, I wish I did NOT give it to him right away. As there are a few spots I would like to have painted further on it. That and to tour around with it a bit as well to show it off some more.. but such is hindsight.. it being 20/20 whereas foresight is more like a pensioner with cataracts..

But we did have some good times in Izmir.. but I think it was due to the beers! And yes.. Mario did join us for beers.. we are just that cool!


And then in December I did... um... well.. no posts whatsoever! This was due fully and utterly because I was in full on transit to my new home in the UK! To which I am happy to say that we have arrived, moved in, and still just sorting things out. Actually.. I just received the intraweb to the new house today as it is.. so hence the massively long post to kick off the year! Though while waiting for the internet to get hooked up, we did do a bit of exploring around and seeing the sights..

And now I begin the longer journey of trying to reset up my studio, and get back into the swing of painting. I can confirm that I have received a few models over the holiday season, and that I am working on them a bit. But I can also say I am a bit rusty, and this will be slow going!

So it was quite the year, jam packed with lots of travels, reviews, and even some painting occurring within it as well. Which is odd in comparison to the year before which was more painting, and less travelling.

But to mark the new year, I have updated the blog ( in case you haven't noticed yet! ), and plan to do a lot more travelling in 2014 than I did in 2013. Mostly due to the sheer number of conventions and events happening in UK throughout the year ( Salute anyone? ), and also that it is easier to fly to Germany from here than from Turkey! Actually my first trip will be to head back to Berlin end of January to learn more about basing from the one and only Matt Cexwish! Who I have had the pleasure to meet on several occasions so far, and am looking to seeing him in many more to come!

Plus I hope to drop into the Bruddha lair, and see what goodies ol' Micha there is brewing up for 2014! Expects lots of event coverage, reviews, workshops, and more from Mr Lee throughout 2014! And if there is something that you really wish for me to cover this year.. let me know! Who knows.. maybe I can make it there and deliver some of the news back to everyone else!

Cheers and thanks for following! Even after such a hiatus!
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