Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Review: Romeo Bust Oin "Mordiroccia"

It is almost Christmas, but the reviews are still coming here! This time is another recent acquisition after Monte.

Again I saw it there, and really wanted to have a chance to paint it up.

After seeing the box art of it though I wonder if this was the same piece. Could be.. might not be.. but it was a nicely painted So I wanted to grab one myself to play around with as well :)

It comes with a nice little piece of paper that states it was put through quality control. Though I have to say that this is more to state that there are all the right pieces within the bag, but honestly it is not speaking with regards to the quality of the piece itself.

Simple enough for the packaging there as well since it was all wrapped in bubblewrap.

It is strange to see that the pieces are split into 2 types of materials here though. The body, and left arm in resin ( and what type is questionable ) and the right arm and hammer in metal. Not sure on the logic for this, or the reason for it cause it could have been fine in either materials.

Though the resin itself is not the greatest either.

As you can see there is quite a big section under the body, and along the left arm there is also a great big mold line. When I attempted to clean it there were a couple of holes under them.

Now we need to see how well it does with regards to being painted up in the future though.. and yes.. there are plans afoot for it!


  1. Its a nice looking kit. Strange with the mix of materials I wouldn't of though metal would of been the best one to mix with it being prone to shrinkage etc.

  2. Hola Amigo
    Magnifico busto
    Que pases Felices Fiestas
    un saludo

  3. Great reviews mr lee! Happy holidays!


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