Monday, December 15, 2014

Portal Paint off Round 1 entry: Boris the Barbarian!

So after a few late evenings, and some indecisive decisions on how to proceed with it I have finally finished it now. Or at least for now. :)

You can see all the submissions on the Portal Paint off page on Facebook.

It came from humble beginnings though..

Back when I was not sure on the skin colors, and the style of the base. A base that I had some reservations with at the beginning but was happy with how it turned out in the end. But it really turned out good once the foliage was added in my opinion.

Now we sit and wait for everyone else to get theirs finished up, and see what the judges say about it all. And then to hope that that I pass the first round :)

Let's see what the future brings then shall we? :D

Oh and if you want.. head over to Putty and Paint to give it some voting love :)


  1. Now that's impressive Mr. Lee, given that you were unsure about the base they go rather well together in the end!

    1. Thanks Michael! Am happy it came together in the end. Let's see what round 2 brings us ( if I manage to stay in! ) and how I go about building it up!

  2. Impressive id the right word. You has hit the nail right on the head .

  3. Nice work Mr Lee! Curious to see what the judges think. I always think everything looks spectacular that you produce, but I'm coming from an entirely different skill level :).

    I think the axe and belt came out beautifully, as did the base. Only thing I could think of that might need more attention with (in the future), is the central gem. But I'm guessing that is more the photo shot, then anything else!

    1. Thanks Greg! My ego can always use of those kind of comments :)
      Though I am thankful that the only part you think that needs more attention is the Gem! :D I spot a lot more areas :D :D :D

  4. Hola Amigo
    Grande muy grande te a quedado la escena
    La piel buen si señor
    un saludo

  5. Fantastic mini diorama. Figure and basing are marvelous.


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