Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Review: MKontraros Dwarf bust..

Another Tuesday, another review! This time here is an interesting Dwarf piece. A piece that for many it is a love/hate relationship that they have with it. Either they love it, or hate it due to the scarring on the face.

All I can really say about it is that I am in the former category for this piece and really love it.

And while in Italy for the Monte San Savino show I was able to see their stand and see the pieces in person!

And all I can say is that the quality held up for the piece I purchased from them while at the show!

This time the container is of metal, and is again sandwiched between 2 layers of foam. With the pieces contained within their own ziplock bags, aside from the axe handle itself.

Once outside of the baggies I was able to have a look at the overall quality once more.

All I can say is that the quality is beyond words! No flash. No mold lines ( that I could find on the first inspection ). And although there are some tiny fiddly bits here, nothing was broken!

But the best part was that without glue or blutac or pattafix putty it stays together! Amazing to have such a piece fit so nicely together!

This is going to be quite a piece to paint up in the end. As the details are quite nice, the hair looks quite decent ( required for a Dwarf bust! ), though the square block shoulder guard will be interesting to paint up in the end.

Will be a nice piece to do after a more difficult piece.. that much I can say for sure!

Hope you enjoy another review from me here! More to come!


  1. I found this company by chance a few days ago, good to know their quality is high. Its their Templar (spl?) that has me interested. Thanks for the review and I won't say good luck for the paint off as you clearly don't need it, but I will say break a brush :) All the best and Happy holidays

    1. I have seen them in the past, but never put the templar to them ( no idea why! ). When seeing the pieces in person at Monte, it was an easy decision to pick up the Dwarf bust. I could easily grab more of these for the future but need to focus on some projects and the dwarf fits that bill for now! ;)

  2. One of these days, I will get and paint one of these busts. Just gotta keep practicing :).

    1. Well worth it mate! The quality is top shelf here!

  3. These figures are truly the best casted minis I own.....and you know my collection.
    When it comes to quality checks Michael and his caster have a unique understanding of quality

    1. Agreed. And I have to agree even more after seeing them in person!
      This is what more artists should be doing with regards to their casts!


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