Thursday, December 18, 2014

Review: Reaper Bust "The Grudge"

So this was another piece that is sitting in my collection at the moment.. especially since I just picked it up recently for a semi "secret" project that some might be able to guess now.

I saw this piece at Monte San Savino painted up and had to say that it was awesome looking!

I am even more impressed after seeing the quality of the piece. Considering that the chainmail is sculpted like it was done by me :) Cause this is pretty simple chainmail sculpting ( comparing it against what Raffa did on the Brekk bust ).

The box is quite simple. Cardboard box, and some bubblewrap inside. Not the best packaging but thankfully the bust is a single piece.

The material it is cast out of it strange. It feels more like plaster than resin, and the color is white. This is not primed, but the color that it was out of the box. Cannot say that I am impressed with it, but let us see how it does when applying some paint on it.

Though the bigger sections of metal will be nice to play with. Some aging and weathering can work wonders on it though. And the beard is sculpted nicely enough which will be a redeeming quality compared to the chainmail.

Simple back to save on resin/plaster ,so will be painted straight black. But the chainmail just makes me weep :'(

In the end, it will still be a nice piece to paint up. Let's see how it goes once I get some primer on it.


  1. Just hack at the chain mail and make it look damaged. Or clog the bad sections with a little gore ;)

    1. Might be an option. I have considered also scrapping it all off, and resculpting it myself ;) But that might be a bit too much work :D


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