Monday, December 22, 2014

Review: Luca Pina Penichet - Braided Dwarf Bust

So this is a piece that I have wanted to pick up the moment I saw it! Though it would be later after H&V shut it's doors, and I would claim it at Scale Model Challenge instead.

I got to meet the box art painter while at Monte San Savino though.. Ivan Hortal!

Heck he also has a plan for 2014 for painting projects, that I look forward to seeing come to completion!

Great to see the piece in person while at Monte! It is even more amazing in person than it is on the box art though. I also got to see another version of the piece while there..

This was painted by Toni Nieteo Cano, who is quite the painter! And I love how his came out and looked more like an escaped prisoner!

Lukas Wigging is also going to be painting up a copy soon and did his own unboxing recently!

Oh and then there is Ben Komets who is painting up a copy as we speak!

So it has a ton of references for me to use when I get around to painting it now!

But it is a very small piece.. going to be very interesting to paint up and if I can do it justice as much as these other amazing painters have done!

Hope you enjoy it!

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