Monday, July 7, 2014

Tank Museum + Wargames show

TANKS! Big tanks, small tanks, ones with guns, ones without, working tanks, damaged tanks and pretty much everything in between! TANKS!

On Sunday I took Junior to the Bovington Tank Museum near Dorset. Why? Well there was a wargames show, and it gave Mrs Lee some quiet time for a change as well..

I had only found out about the show at the last moment on Friday though when scrolling through my FB feeds and seeing it posted up in one of the local club groups. Color me surprised that it was barely 1.5 hrs away, and so a plan was hatched, and a trip was organized!

So many tanks! I can honestly say that I was surprised by the sheer number of them on display and the information that was provided about them! Though with Junior running around them, there was not as much time to look into details on them as I would have liked. Must mean I need to come back then eh? :)

Junior had fun getting inside a few of them that was allowed to do such things..

I can honestly say that I was not too thrilled with it.. as the spaces that the crew had to work within were tiny! While speaking with Mrs Lee about it that evening, it is quite clear that I never would have been a tank operator back in those wars. Most likely been given a rifle, and pointed into the direction of incoming bullets!

Honestly the amount of space to squeeze into that thing, and how close the engine was near the "entrance" to some was just beyond words for scary! I can see many an arm or man getting burnt or worse in them!

Was also quite impressed with the colors and styles of camouflage that were implemented for some of them, and the stories behind them as well.

But aside from all the tanks there were also a few vendors and games being run. It was quite interesting to see how the stalls were set up in and among all the tanks! Some of the stalls had massive barrels pointing out over their stall or in some cases through them! Made for a few bumps on the heads I can say ( and felt! ).

Plus all the gaming boards that were set up around the place were pretty cool! Lots of tank battles ( go figure! ) being played. Some as demos, some as just club games, and others just for display!

And I know the boys back in Turkey will like this board.. a massive multi-person game of Infinity!

Fantastic set up here, and factions going at it!

Was a good little outing with Junior as can be seen found our faces while watching about the Blitzkrieg of Germans in the wars..

Or how Junior dressed up to do his part..

Or how we set up to take a drive in a Canadian Transport, with Austrialian Markings ( as told to us from the crew! ).

His face at the end being priceless considering the noise and rumbles of the transport ride!

So yes.. good trip all in all.. lots of fun.. and indeed swag was had.. I did try to rein it in this time, but with Junior in tow it was not a good combination ( considering how little willpower I have to buying new shinies, having the kid with me saying "go on dad.. buy another one!" didn't help any! ).

Yeah.. a fair bit there..

More IJA forces to reinforce my current army. 32 more infantry, a Ho-Ro Heavy Howitzer, and some more bases for upcoming pieces! Paint to paint said pieces. 6 Zveda tanks, 4 Russian, 2 German just for kicks! Dice bag ( About time I had my own ) plus more purple dice ( since I keep playing with more than 12 orders in my armies! ). 2 boxes of random infantry models for a different game ( 5 gbp per box.. good for Junior! ). Some army men ( can't play army games without them! ).

And a lucky buy from a random stall.. the FoW OPEN FIRE starter boxset. I know my local club doesn't play it too often ( read never! ) but more tiny tanks to play with Junior at home is always a good thing!

All in all, a good haul, and more things to be put into the cabinets to collect dust most likely.. but meh.. such is the life of a wargaming!

Now to rest a bit more and see a dentist.. I think that tractor ride shook a few fillings loose! Until next time!


  1. Wow! That is an awesome museum! Thanks for the photos! Looks like a great time!

    1. I was quite surprised about it.. so large and so many TANKS!!!! Was a great time with junior and will have to do more of these in the future!

  2. That really was a fantastic post. It must have been a tremendous day out and I do look forward to hear about any further visits to Bovington.

    1. Thanks Clint.. definitely something different these days.. Was good to get the little guy involved in some of my adventures in wargaming and conventions though! Let's see how he does on future ones now!

  3. Hi Kyle! Julian here from the recent Blumberg-Achdorf workshop. I envy you guys; having such museums to visit. Tanks being my first love as a kid building tank models. Must be a blast looking at those!! I could spent the entire day there :p Thanks for sharing. Look forward to more photos, reports on outings, events, workshops from you. I miss Fernando's ham!!! Happy painting!

    1. Hey Julian! Hope you got home OK!
      And yes, it is very nice to have such events and museums nearby to do such things! It was one of the reasons why I moved to UK!
      Expect many more posts on such events this month! It is a busy month for such things!

  4. Fantastic venue and outing!

  5. Very cool trip my friend.

    Thats a musium kids like ;-)

    1. Yup.. especially for boys.. definitely the place for boys to run around and have fun! If he could climb on them though he would have..

  6. I need to make it to the gaming weekend next year, that looks fantastic! The museum is great fun. I love the fact that the tickets give you a year's worth of entry. That reminds me... I need to line up some more photos from my trip later ;)

    1. Was a lot of fun indeed. Looking forward to more such trips with junior in the future! Glad you liked it!

  7. Looks like a great Dad&Son-day! Very cool!

  8. Sounds like an excellent day out with the lad. Well done!

    And the museum looks simply stunning. It's definitely on my list when I ever make it to Dorset.



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