Tuesday, July 8, 2014

New Artillery incoming for IJA!

This is just a really quick filler post for today..

On Sunday I went to the tank museum as posted here, and last night I was still so into the tanks that I needed to paint one up! Well.. that and I really want to use it in tonight's game against the British!

This is a Ho-Ro Tank for the Imperial Japanese Army during WWII. Checking on Wikipedia, it says that actually these were produced back for WWI, and discontinued before the end of WWII due to being so old. But it was a powerful, self propelled, weapon of war for the IJA!

With a 150mm Howitzer sitting on top of the Chi-Ha frame. This bad boy could get around, and deal some serious BOOM BOOM on the enemies where needed. Though usually fielded in groups of 4, BA has listed them in the tank division and thus can only get 1 per Platoon.

No matter for me though as it will give me troops some much needed firepower to stop larger horde units or punch through some of the bigger threats out there ( which in our current campaign is no larger than 8+ armor ).

I did take some major shortcuts with it so far. Starting with a different basecoat layer. This time with the Japanese Tank Crew Green color, and mixing a bit of Brown into the mix for the variations. I stayed away from the yellows on this one as I figured it was an older vehicle and might not have been given an updated camo scheme.

I have already started to do some chipping and metal works, but after chatting with a buddy of mine (  fellow 5th-D blogger John ) it was decided that I should go back over it again to darken up the spaces around the plates. Give it a bit more definition here and there. Before doing further weathering, etc.

But considering that this was done over 2 hrs last night, I can honestly say that it is decent enough to put onto the table tonight. And I will update and fix the colors soon enough.

The tracks especially will need a lot more work on them in order to look worn in.. so expect some more mud and dust pigments thrown into them soon enough!

Let's see how it does tonight, and if it suffers from the notorious "Newly painted, first to blow up" fate that happens with all new units put on the table for the first time!

Wish me luck!


  1. Just ordered one! Looks great!

  2. This is on my list up next for my IJA, my militia and bamboo fighters need thus heavy hitter


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