Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Studio update

Yesterday was an INSET day for my son. What is INSET for those not in the UK? Seems that there are half a dozen teacher training days for the schools. Whereby the students are then not at school and are off doing whatever else.

Yesterday was one such day.

So with the need to stay home ( or find alternative costly care for him ) I had the chance to clean up the studio in between calls and meetings from work. Something that I have been meaning to do for a while, but with all the travelling for classes, and life getting in the way.. well.. it just was not that high on the priority list.

Above you can see my new table layout. I moved the shelf to the far left as it is useful, but also takes up far too much room. Plus now I can put my camera, headphones and lens below it, instead of in the path of the airbrush while priming/painting!

The paint racks have returned. I had at one point bought vertical shelf styled ones, but these are still the best that I have. They take up a far amount of room, but they give me a clear view of what I have. Plus rowed up like this, I can easily reach all of them as needed. Plus my Scale75 mega tray fits nicely beside them all.

Both laptops ( personal on the left, work on the right ) fit nicely in front of the racks as well, and the cables for the fit neatly between the racks.

Below that we have the airbrush compressors. My fridge modded one from Turkey, that helps me with the basecoating, and the newer tiny one from UK that is better for details and smaller pieces of work ( cause it is loud while filling.. and it always seems to be filling )

On the right side we have the massive cutting mat, and a smaller one that I can use for airbrush work.

My tri-lamp for working on projects. I like it, but sometimes miss the power of 2 ( or 3 ) of the Ikea flex lamps. Especially when taking photos...

2 cups.. 1 filled with misc brushes, the other with pens and markers and sculpting tools. For when the urge to draw a sketch or write something jumps out at me.

My main painting brush stand holding all the brushes that I use regularly. not the best design, but it works for what I need it to do. Though I do need to add some anti-slip grips to the bottom of it as it slides easily when it is on the wooden table. Easy fix for another time.

Then the paper towel, wash clothes, and wet palettes. Along with an assorted mix of cutting instruments ( knives, scissors, clippers, etc ).

And finally the TV that I use when doing batch work or when I am not really into painting but want to do something while watching a show or movie.

Of course this was just the desk portion.. I was able to clean up the material boxes ( just putting a few more things away ) and clean up some of the shelves on the older cabinet from Turkey.

But the biggest things that I did was clean up the liquids that I use in my work, and my WIP projects shelf.

I had showed this to Peter on Facebook just after taking it, and he was a bit blown away that I have so many things on the go. Many of these have been abandoned at one point or another, and there still a few projects ( armies, Garage Kits ) that are missing from it. But they are too large to show alongside this photo.

Main pieces that will get finished quickly though will be the Ape bust, and the Crusader bust. As I have high motivation for them now. the rest I will pick and choose as time goes on.. and maybe throw out a poll to you all to see what I should work on next!

As for liquids..

Far too many bottles here.. some of which I do not use ( different colors for primers ) some I use a lot ( airbrush cleaners.. wonder why! :) ), and others I have just picked up ( UHU anyone? ). Put at least I know what is in the mess a bit more now, and have been able to organize it better.

I will try to take more shots of the collection of materials ( no idea why I forgot that ) when I get a chance to update the studio once more.. and also show some shots of the unopened, never started projects that lurk in the cabinets throughout the studio and house itself!

In the meantime.. enjoy.. and if you have a link or photo of your workspace.. link it in the comments!


  1. An excellent working space!


  2. Nice, I love pictures of other peoples workspaces and especially if they share the features/problems I have :D

    Where did you get that enormous cutting mat from?


    1. I picked up the cutting mat from a local hobby/craft store. They were on clearance so I really lucked out with it!

  3. What happened to working on just two project at a time!!


    1. I am still only working on 2 at a time.. just never said that I was finishing them before starting something new! :) And this backlog of projects sits across the last 2 yrs as well.. which i think is not toooo bad... but definitely not a good thing either :(

      Oh and I have more projects to start soon also... wrong approach? :)

  4. What type of lamp is that? I've been looking for a better work lamp!

    1. It is this tri-light lamp that I bought from CPC when I first moved to UK. The link is here - - and you only need to set up an account with them to get it ordered and shipped out. Quick good service, and a decent lamp. Has survived 2 trips to Germany so far as well! With another one soon to come ;)

    2. Thanks so much! I'm currently using an assemblage of desk lamps and cheap ikea lamps...i need an upgrade :).

    3. This was my upgrade from the Ikea Lamps.. though they do have their uses as well! Good luck with it though, and post a link to a photo if you upgrade! Would love to see the set up also!

  5. Here's my current setup!


    Been working on it this month. Next up is paint stations (to hold all the pots). Been making lots of changes based on all the great feedback all the blogs have had on organization! (Please forgive the hyperlinks back to my blog, but you did ask :) ).

  6. Yeah we have a bunch of those here in Toronto too. PA days they are called here. I believe it stands for parental aggravation days, but I'm not certain ;P That'a lot of projects half done. tisk tisk!

    1. I know.. terrible... will have to work on that!

  7. Great workspace. And as learned at Blumberg: Great minds think alike.

    Here is my workspace:

    The desk with the colors and the tri-tube is a vertically adjustable one from ikea. Great for an old lad like me with back pain.


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