Friday, July 18, 2014

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes bust.. finished?

Caesar has gathered his fellow mammals and is ready to repel the human invaders from their lands!

The movie comes out tonight in UK ( and I would love to go and see it.. ) and with it I have "mostly" finished the Ape Bust in anticipation to the movie!

Behold... Caesar... Lord of the Apes!

I saw he is almost finished, but now looking at the photos I really want to fix the ears a bit more. Quite choppy work there it seems...

What I do like on this piece is that the model is quite angry ( like Caesar should be for humans invading his lands ) and that I was able to make the urban jungle setting on his socket come together!

I used a tutorial from Massive Voodoo on how to create doss or moss on the stone and branches. I have attempted it in the past with the first variation they should, but for this one I attempted the second version. I have to say that I prefer it much more than just using the foam blister pack pieces.

So there you go.. he is finished ( for now ) and ready to sit and watch himself on the big screen ( and yes if I go to the movies for his movie, he is coming with me... be damned the people starring at me! ).

In the meantime.. it is Friday.. junior's school is suffering from a power outage from last nights thunder storm... and I get the privilege to entertain him while trying to get work done. Fun times!

But we will be heading out to Figureworld Show tomorrow! So if you happen to be there, and wanting to chat.. look for me.. I will be wearing a Monkey themed shirt of some sort.. you can be sure of that!


  1. Amazing great work my friend ! Compliments .

  2. Such an angry monkey. Great work. As a balance, you should do one of curious George now.

    1. Zab.. if you know of a bust of Curious George and are holding out on me.. so help me.. Caesar will come for you!

      Seriously.. if you know of one.. link it up! Would so love to paint up one now in contrast to this one!

  3. Fantastic job mate looks the business!

    1. Thanks Simon! Glad it looks the business! Was a bit iffy at points for me!

  4. That looks superb, what a great finish.


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