Friday, July 11, 2014

Rocco has finalized arrived

So he finally sits within my cabinets of unfinished/unstarted projects.

Had a bit of difficulty receiving him though as the original shipment of the rewards from this project were lost in the mail.. this would be the second project that has had this happened to me. The first being the Cursed Monkey project, but that was most of the UK backers that got affected. Seems this time I was part of an elite crew that had theirs waylaid.

But that being said.. it has arrived!

As you can see.. no expense was spared with the packaging here.. More so that I had offered to pay for upgraded shipping to ensure that the second one came through, but was not taken. Thankfully it arrived... and the contents for the most are are in the shapes that they were supposed to be in.

Rocco and reward baggies here.

The extras I ordered when given the chance near the end project, but before the shipping had occurred.

3 more busts that I have been itching to paint up, and a King Maulg. Something that is out of stock in a lot of e-tailers these days.

But how are the quality of the pieces... well here are some photos below that show them off better... but I have to say that the resin is decent, though the release agent is still present on some areas ( can feel it while handling the pieces ). They will all need a major soapy bath!

Einstein Goblin Bust.. A good piece to practice some Ork Skintones.. Perhaps a chance to work in a style similar to Thomas Walsh! Great painter whom I had the fortunate chance to meet at Duke earlier this year.

Sapo.. another bust to work on some larger area transitions.. Will be checking out Bruce's copy more, along with many others who painted it up recently.

Colin.. cause who doesn't like Pirate Busts.. no really good versions of this that jump out at me for how I want to paint it.

King Maulg.. a great piece to practice again on the transitions... and I really want to play with this one for colors and style a bit more... Plenty of versions that I can pull inspiration from.. including my own Sci-Fi version that I might just use as a reference. Let's see on that one!

You can also see that the right ear of the king is missing. Not sure if this was intentional, or broken but there was no more pieces in the bag to show otherwise. Something I will need to fix up before painting him definitely.

And now for the main purchase here... Rocco and his rewards.. rewards first though...

Helmutt... a decent little sculpt that was added first in the rewards. Decently casted up as well, with minimal issues, though lots of vent points on them.Will be interesting to see how well the arms line up, and also how the backpack goes.. cause I am not seeing it fitting very well already.

I will probably get this painted up soon after the basing workshop with Massive Voodoo early in August.

Carmina is next up. I can't say that I have a lot of love or inspiration from this model here. Not really my style, but again a reward for getting so many pledges in the campaign.

Interesting that the banner pole is a real metal rod. Probably paperclip thickness? Interesting and cool for that. Less chance of breakage at the very least. Though the cape has gaps for fitting, so will need to work on that.

Not something that will get painted anytime soon, and maybe given away... not sure..

Tahar' Ama.. funny name here.. considering the second word means "but" in Turkish.. Again this was a reward, and it is interesting little sculpt. Maybe something to put beside the Dude Barbarian for comparisons at some point. And do them as a pair on a socket? Mmm thoughts are coming in with this one, but again can't say I am super motivated by it to paint it anytime soon.

Last but not least.. Rocco and his dragon mount!

Again some extras that came with it. A huge banner that can be used for some wicked freehand if one has the talent or time or patience for it.. not sure I am that candidate, but who knows!

The Rocco bag.. or rather bags.... since the pieces were split up amongst them all to separate out the little pieces from the bigger ones..

Main rock and body pieces here. Hollow cast ( which is smart ) to reduce the weight of the pieces... however as many on Facebook have shown or talked about already, there are a "few" gaps on it..

Am going to have to break out the greenstuff/milliput/procreate putties to fix these gaps. And resculpt some of the sections also. Some are not so hard ( rock ) but the ones on the body are quite large in some places. And do not line up that great. So will see how that goes, and how I can get on with it as well.

I only tried to see how the tail goes to the body and there were large gaps there also. Going to be very very interesting to see how this will all play nicely with each other, and how many hours I will spend on trying to get everything to fit here!

Horns and Saddle. Again I tried to see how well the saddle will fit on the body... you can see how well that works below..

Quite the gap there. Going to have to try to heat it up, and reshape it a bit. Plus that mold line across the details is not looking so great.

Pieces of the rider himself here are decent. I had a small heart attack when looking at the captured slave and wondering where his head was! Then I checked the body and saw that it was sculpted to it. Sad about that as it means that you kind of have to take it now and has to go in a specific way. Which again doesn't really fit :(

Overall the only thing I can say on this is that it has arrived. It is going to be quite the tough slog forward to get it put together, let alone painting. I can see this piece taking me a long time to complete, and I will need to find ways to keep the motivation very very high with it.

But with all these sculpts they have some great details on them, and so I am looking forward to painting them. Just wish that the road to get them was less troublesome than it was.. as it drained a lot of the motivation for these pieces in the end.

Anyone else got theirs? And what are their thoughts on the pieces and the packaging? And did they receive their A4 print with it, or are they still waiting? Comment below!


  1. so happy I didnt backed.
    For me its all starts with the packing of these huge beast.
    That there are not more damages is quite surprising. (Especially when you ordered a shipping upgrade)
    It appears there wasnt much interest in getting the prepaid miniatures safely to the backers

    1. Indeed Mate.. though I asked to upgrade the shipping, he never responded to that. So it was just the standard shipping that he did for everyone else. Even though I offered to pay for the tracked shipping for the second package since the first one went missing. Oh well.. I have it now..

  2. That's a lot of resin dude. Now i don;t feel so bad about all my unpainted stuff :P

    1. Tip of the iceberg here mate.. seriously.. tip of the iceberg.. :)
      You don't want to see what my cupboards look like.


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