Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Incoming!!! More Artillery Reinforcements!

Pew pew goes this new reinforcements to my IJAs. What luck that WCP comes through and sends me my 20mm Anti-Tank gun which arrived on Saturday! And I just had to paint it up ASAP! not because I need it now, but just because why the heck not!!!!

Easy little group, also thrown onto the 60mm base. Mostly because of the fact that the barrel on this gun is very thin, and easy to bend/break ( am guessing on the breakage, but better to be safe than sorry! ). 

Quite a weird little kit though. The gunner has a seat attached to the gun. It is supposed to be modelled for Anti-Air more than Anti-tank.. so I guess that seat peg would be on the ground rather than flying in the air here! But it is connected to the main gun frame via a metal rod. So I guess he could be moving up like a seesaw on it! Right? 

As you can see, again I just threw them all onto the base, and flocked/sanded it immediately with them all there. 

Finding it to be a lot easier on these guys to do this. Hides the metal plate they are standing on as well, and makes them look well trenched in also. 

And with the airbrush, it is quite quick to just spray them up and get the base layers done. 

Here they are before I begin to just throw paint and washes on them. Base is hit with several varieties of Modelmates mud/sand wet pigments here. This was actually dry, yet the pigments give off a nice gloss/wet finish in places! 

Finished boys and their AT Gun... 

I do feel like I am going a bit quickly with these guys, and probably not giving them the best workover that they deserve. But then again, the sculpts are not the best. The casting is quite terrible. And the unit is one that I fear will only show up once in a blue moon. So not too sure how much play they will get.. and seeing how fast artillery gets targetted in games.. I doubt they will survive long anyways!

So with that in mind.. these guys are great! Hopefully they can stick around a bit, and see how well they sit with the rest of the army ( to which I need to take an army photos of at some point! ). 

Enjoy hump day! More to come this week!!!


  1. I do like what you have done with these. Its nice to see something a little odd as well.

  2. Cheers Clint, am really beginning to plow through the models on this IJA forces.. even though I just picked up another starter + 5 sprues last night!

  3. Replies
    1. Let's see how wonderful they are when they get used next Tuesday ;)

  4. Very nice! I'm amazed that you painted everything already based on a multi-fig stand too. Dean

    1. I was happy that it could work out as it did.. now to get more of them done and ready for next week's game!


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