Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Vendors of Duke!

What would be a convention without vendors showing off the latest pieces, and trying to separate you from your monies!!! And Duke was no exception there for this, and separate me from my monies it did indeed!

With the wide range of showcase related pieces here, right down to some gaming items. Plus all the items needed in order to support the hobby like brushes, paints, carrying cases, and SOCKETS!!!!

Roman's Dad with Dino the Grappa drinking master of Sockets! Photo courtesy of Massive Voodoo!
And the man above there was responsible for some of my money loss, but in such a good way! A new, smaller miniature carrying case that will hopefully cause me less problems than my massive HobbyZone one that I picked up earlier this year ( which although massive really worked out well for me! ).

Dino's signature on the box. Which confused him on why, until we met later with MV in tow. 
Walking around you could see a lot of bigger online stores coming out and supporting the show. And showing off some of their own pieces that they have worked on.

Ok the last one is just Dino showing off that he climbed back in 2008.. Like we can't all be doing that at 60 or 70 ;)

But aside from all the showcases from the vendors, they were still there to sell and lots of great booths worth of stuff was present.

Just a sheer overwhelming sense of things to buy. And as always, the wallet pulled me to the vendors like a kid in a candy store...

Lots of things picked up from there ( and along the way! )

The basic breakdown of things received were..
  • Apollo Revell kit ( for basing ) from local hobby store
  • Military accessories ( for basing ) from local hobby store
  • 3 sheets of different stone textures ( reference and basing materials )
  • fine, thin rope for basing from local hobby store
  • Hobby Colors Black and White which seem to be super matte from hobby store
  • 4 monkeys.. Speak no Evil, See no Evil, Hear no Evil and Screw no Evil ;) Will paint that for the house ( Local vendor in Munich )
  • Monkey with fruit ( local vendor in Munich )
  • Weathering sticks and brushes from local hobby store
  • Basing materials box from Massive Voodoo after the lessons
  • Army Painter Ink set ( to continue work from Private Lessons ) from Duke
  • 54mm Pirate to practice skin and light on from Duke
  • Arkvenger model.. to see if it strangles me as much as it did Massive Voodoo during their step by step of it.. 
  • Forged Monkey bust of the Ram Horn Warrior Shaun from Duke
  • 2x Jason Bust ( which was featured yesterday )
  • 2 barbarians from Figone from Duke
  • Satyr from Figone from Duke
  • Fiddler from Duke
  • Japanese Ronin from Duke
  • Bolt Action Rulebook for upcoming gaming sessions from Duke
  • Pale blue and Japanese Uniform yellow for current projects from Duke
  • Modelmates Rust and Virdigris for post MV practice until Duke.. forgot to give back.. need to fix that!
  • Socket from Dino for barbarians dio from Duke
  • 3 Sockets from Micheal of 5th-Dimension for future pieces
  • New smaller carrying transport from Dino at Duke (shown above already) which held most of these pieces while walking around Duke
  • Bottle of Bavarian Irish Whiskey from Sydney at Duke due to apparently not drinking enough already at the event? but absolutely lovely stuff! (not shown due to still unpacking my gear from Duke! but absolutely lovely stuff!)
So as you can see.. I did not come home empty handed once more.. but these were just the physical aspects... the next post will talk more about the event itself and the thoughts surrounding it as a whole... and there are many things I took away from there and most of them were not physical! Hang on as this train is just getting started with regards to how the last week in Germany was!

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