Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Lizardmen in an escalation league kind of setting!

Glory for the old ones!!!! Yeah yeah yeah.. like I need another project at the moment.. let alone an army that I probably won't play much of. But this one has some background to it!

So now that we are in UK, and have a local GW store that is not 1.5 hrs away from me ( on a good day! ) I seem to be going into it more frequently.

And it just so happens that my 5 ( soon to be 6 yr old ) tags along with me to look at all of his Baba's toys. However, each time we go there, he is always looking at the Lizardmen and hoping that we buy some of them.

Well, it just so happens that the local GW store is holding an 12 week, 800 pt, escalation league or sorts. Buy it, build it, bring it is their motto. So we can all buy the army, but can't collect it until May 15th when it officially kicks off! Then we have 8 weeks to build, paint, and test out the armies, before doing a 4 week campaign with them!

Honestly, as much as I can see this as a money grab by GW, it is also a great way to get people into the game. And for me.. get me back into the hobby even! And another win.. get my son ( with his almost 6 yrs on this earth ) into the hobby also :) So I see lots of wins here.

So our army is Lizardmen, the army composition itself will be pretty straightforward. Skink Priest model ( cause I like this model and it will be fun to paint up! ), and the starter army box. Which is probably one of the best boxes out there at the moment as it is actually costing less than buying them all separately! Woot woot!

I don't suspect them to do overly well in the campaign, but I am hoping that it will be a nice leveling platform for junior to get into it, and that we can then play more at home as well.

So here are a few more shots of the WIP of the color scheme. The bright blues, and heavy bronze/gold armor pieces. And the drab brown bases, which I will add some tufts of grass to afterwards.

Just need to touch up the scale sections, finish off the teeth, do the eyes, and add the tufts of grass. Then this Saurus Hero can be called finished and I can be sure what the color scheme will be for the full army. There might be some variations in the skintones just to make them interesting, but will see!

Don't expect too many updates on this anytime soon.. as again it is not starting until Mid-May here. But when it does, expect a lot of updates! And after the 800 pts are finished, expect to see some bigger dinos for the army in time ( my son already has his eyes on the flyers there... whom might make it into the main 800 pts even.. maybe.. ).

Cheers for now!


  1. Very cool so far liking the colours they contrast nicely.

  2. He's a cool looking figure and I'm liking the colour of his skin. Yeah, GW knows how to hook people, and rake in the dough. But the memories you and your son will make will be worth the expenditure.

    1. Agreed.. and this is still ( though only slightly ) cheaper than his current obsession with these Skylanders... but we will see how long that edge holds out for ;)


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