Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Massive Voodoo private lessons begin!!!!

What?!?!? Has it been over a year since I first met these knuckleheads?? And I am still trying to improve myself??? CraZyness!!!!

But yes, I am at it again. Back in Germany. Back in Augsburg. Back in Massive Voodoo Headquarters.. though this time it is new and improved! Bigger, faster, stronger!!!

What am I working on as a piece... still a secret.. but expect lots of articles still for this, and many zany photos coming from this class and these boys! I would expect nothing less than some of the ones shown below... so excuse me over the next couple of days while I put brush to model and see what magic begins to flow here... and enjoy the last years photo ride of craZyness!!!

The beginners class.. before the craZyness of Roman began to show!

Pre-show Games Day Germany.. during the hand in of items.. 
Passing of the sword between friends and brothers.. 

"Look ma, I wons a sword!"

All day judging has taken its toll on Raffa... 

Super chill Raffa the first days of the first BAM class... 

Roman learning about technology for the first time.. and now addicted!

"I has hat.. "

Dude.. behind you... 

"Why you no pay attention to Raffa?"

Sailor Roman... fresh from Deep Sea adventures...

With his first mate also ready to go out for another adventure... 

Roman showing me light contrast for creases in a forehead to use on the Wild Hunter bust.. while Raffa.. well.. Raffa is Raffa.. 

"What big eyes you has... "

Concentration vs comedy... 

New TV series promotion shots... series was shortly cancelled after this photo was taken.. 

Dude... seriously.. behind you!!!

"King Jeoffry has nothing on me!"

Not sure who won this argument but it was loud enough for everyone to hear it :) 

Poor Ogre Roman.. 

And the gang at the end of a full week of workshops, painting, discussions, and beer.. so much beer... 

So let's see what kind of damage we can get into now! Enjoy and stay tuned!

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  1. This is clearly going to be a blast if last year is anything to go by!


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