Wednesday, April 9, 2014

More randoms... but more finished pieces...

So I had a bit of time over the last 2 evenings, but not much, to get a few pieces finished up and moved along further.

This small daemon head bust piece got the horns done, and then a lot of cursing on the socket. I really wanted a cracked lava like look, but the crackle medium was really playing up on me, and did some strange things :( But the focus is still ( I hope ) on the head so that is fine.

Then I was able to put Gollum onto his little base cave there.. but I need to still add more gravel pieces around his stone to tie it in a bit further.

I need now to finish up Bilbo to throw into the base as well, and I can call that finished ( aside form another layer of black on the dice cube itself ).

I also got the finishing touches on the Saurus Old One here finished up, attached the shield, and threw some tufts of grass on him to get that sorted. I think I should have painted the hide on the shield a different color as it blends too much into the bronze, but it is OK for now. The Skin tones was what I was hoping to get sorted, and I think I like this color.

And finally, but not least, I have worked on the bust a bit more. This time working on the Gas Mask, starting to add the first layers of leather work on it, before moving onto the prep for the brass sections. These will have some heavy oxidization happening to them also to give it a bit of color and pull focus.

So as always, busy days! If time permits, I might be able to finish a few pieces in time for Salute still! But time is becoming less and less, and the projects still require quite a bit more work on them! Let's see how it goes.. in the meantime, I need to sort out my buying route for Salute, prior to handing in these pieces to the painting comp while also planning out the meeting up with other bloggers at 1pm! So much to do, so little time to do it! Go go go is all I am hearing at the moment!

Cheers for now!


  1. Ahhh! So much progress. I am moving at a crawl these days ;(

    1. Just cleaning up randoms at the moment. So don't take it too hard. :) Just makes it look more busy than it probably really is :(

  2. They are all very good. Love the Lizardman.


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