Saturday, April 12, 2014

SALUTE 2014!!!!

So I am currently on the road, and hopefully already inside, of Salute at the ExCel center in London UK!!!!

The above photo is what I am planning on bringing with me. Not sure fully what each will be going to in so far as categories at the moment, but from what I have been told it might look like this:

  • Ashton, Eden, - Sci-Fi Single
  • Alien Sci-Fi Bust - Open
  • Daemon Bust - Fantasy Large?
  • Brekk - Fantasy Large?
  • Gollum - Fantasy Single? Though not planning on entering him though
  • Alice - Open? Though I am hopeful to get her into Fantasy Single
  • Imperial Japanese Army - Historical Squad

Now I want to state this quite clearly now.. I have no intentions of winning! None. But just to enter to say that I entered, and to get some feedback from fellow painters while there!

That being said.. if I take something home.. all the better! But I think with all the stores and vendors there I will not be going home empty handed, just empty wallet!

Check out my updates throughout the day on my Facebook wall. I will be taking a ton of photos and looking forward to seeing all the demos, vendors, and friends there! So like the page to receive my updates throughout today! And if you are here at Salute today, and reading this! Keep an eye out for me! Will be wearing the Massive Voodoo shirt and lugging around this massive case of miniatures ( or also new unpainted miniatures depending on what time you see me at! ). 



  1. Good luck! I hope you place in at least one category!

    1. Nope no placing, but considering the people showing up I am not surprised :) Was still a good day out!

  2. Saw your alien bust on show, brilliant work!

    1. Great! Thanks for that! Curious what you think of the bust itself? Always love to hear feedback both on the piece and the painting of it also.

    2. I feel the bust is amazingly crafted, though design wise, with Batman Dark Knight Rising still fresh on my mind it reminds me of a mutated Bane. Think your paintwork is still as good, with bigger surface it's good to see you're adding more skin tone to it, so it's not too washout.

    3. Thanks for those comments! Will pass them along to the sculptor. Expect more of his work to be published here in the future also! :)

    4. No probs. I follow the sculptor on facebook, so technically his is amazing, though for this specific character is just my personal opinion. A lot of people may think differently. Wouldn't mind his ape sculpt seeing the new PotA is coming out soon.

  3. Nice to have met you face to face. No Idea how the painting came out but I hope it went your way.

    1. Was great to meet you also! Always good to put a face to a name :) No awards, but a finalist on the bust which is a good thing ;) Just need to tweak it a bit more I guess...


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