Monday, March 17, 2014

Mondays and EM-Con Impressions

Blarg.. I really hate Mondays.. and to be honest I really hate them more after a weekend away where lots of driving was involved. So exhausted at the moment, and really trying to find the will to live..

That being said, I am at home/work now and I had a great time up at Nottingham. Even if there was a convention called EM-Con and the organization of it was completely horrendous.

After a bit of a wait ( let's say almost 2 hrs? ) we were able to get into the Albert Hall in central Nottingham. And although I got to meet up with HODOR from Game of Thrones. This dude is massively huge.. and such a nice guy to chat with.

My main reason for going to this convention though was to meet up with the guys from Red Dwarf and get a photo taken with them.

But due to how crowded and horribly laid out this place was, that just was not happening.

I did get 2 shots off of them in the crowds though... one of Lister and another of Kryton.

I tried to chat with Rimmer as well, but he was late for his lunch or QnA or something. And Cat I never did really see.

But it was pretty damn crowded, and with the family in tow ( wife and son braved the convention for a bit ) we had to forgo a few pieces of the convention to continue on.

As stated, a bit crowded. I mean, after waiting for a few hours outside to get in, and then seeing this, I was not so happy with the result.

I did get to meet Hannah from Primeval though, and she was gracious enough to take a photo with me.

But I think at that point she was pretty bored with the crowds and was basically just saying the same things over again.

So after the rest of the family had left, and the main actors being not around, I too kind of took off. Lines for entering were still enormous and many had just given up at that point. I don't really blame them. While leaving, many did ask me if it was worth the wait, but honestly I could not say yes or no at that point.

In the end, I did get to see what it looks like at a smaller convention with actors etc in there. And what to expect if I were to go to a bigger one. Though I think I am just not that big of a fan to any one show in particular to really justify doing this again.

But I did spend my money and picked up some interesting Merch. Be it from there or from the other adventures we had in Nottingham.

You can see the 2 prints I got from Hannah and Hodor. A print that Sam picked up from the animator/write of TMNTs. Some stickers, some comics, a boardgame, a Heresy Model and some other pieces. Conventions not only are super crowded, but really take a toll on your wallet as well!

Anyways.. am still super tired.. so here are some more shots from outside the convention hall, that honestly was probably more entertaining than inside!

Yup plenty of StormTroopers and Jedis in force. Sam was quite interested to know if they were robots or humans, and even when they said humans, he was not quite sure of it.

Expect a few more posts of our happenings in Nottingham. One of which will obviously include Warhammer World. What self respecting geek would not take the opportunity to go there while in the city!!!!


  1. At least the Actropicture are looking great
    And at least Sam seem to have some fun with that strange robotic humans

    1. Yeah. It would have been great to get more shots with them all. But time was short, and money was fading quick! And yes, Sam had a ton of fun with the robotic humans. Didn't want to stop actually!

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Simon. And the haul is a combination of everyone in the family having different tastes throughout the weekend. Not all from the con really.. would have been far more expensive if it was!

  3. Damn, that blonde lady is hawt!!!

    Great review on your weekend, Mister!

    1. And she touched my shoulder.. .like OMG!!!! She touched my shoulder... erm... um... yeah.. she's OK..

      And this is just part 1 of the weekend mate ;) You should know my style by now. I have that Peter Jackson spark to make a trilogy out of a single item/book/weekend ;)

  4. You actually met Hodor. I'm so jealous.


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