Monday, March 3, 2014

March.. and my way of the painter...

Ooo a new month.. which means new adventures awaiting us!

I keep seeing on some of the other blogs things like "Year of the Painter" or "Painting Revolution"... and with this it made me think about what I am trying to do and where I want to go with the hobby.

So I will dub this year.. The Year of the Travelling Brush! I spoke a bit of my journey so far back in this post in Oct.. but since then I did not do as much as I would have liked due to the move to UK. Even if I have gone to Smogcon so far this year..

I made a lot of progress over that year, and I owe a lot ( practice counts for some of it! ) to the classes, workshops and painting jams that I had. And with all this in mind, I really want to push that side further. Really begin to not just go to the classes and learn the techniques, but learn them to a point where they become second nature to myself. So more focus and inclusion is required here I believe!

So this year I am aiming to get out more, and see more of the hobby community as much as I can. As stated, I have gone to Smogcon already with another local, Adam Parkhouse, and plan to do a few more trips. Especially in the month of March!

Firs trip up is to head up north to Manchester and visit the Golem Painting Studio for a day of learning to paint with the master Tommie!

This will be my first UK class and one that differs from the German classes in quite a few ways.

First main difference is that it is a one day course, and only 8 hrs at that.

Second is that I don't need any paints!

Third being that we go back to a normal palette instead of the wet palette!

And lastly that it will focus on the fundamentals of GW style painting more so than the styles that I have learned abroad.

Ok so lots of changes really, but always exciting to see such things and go to such events. And to challenge ones self with these new styles.

Looking forward to this, and also the fact that I will spend the weekend with a fellow 5-th-dimension member as well.

From here though the fun does not stop for me! Oh no it does not!

With the family in tow, we will head out to Nottingham on the 15th of March. Having a look around the city and the historical bits ( and maybe a quick jump into GW Warhammer World if I can sneak it in! ). But the real main event will be heading over to EM-Con on the Sunday! Where we will get to meet and greet with a few of my favorite actors from a show that I watched in my childhood.. Red Dwarf!

Oh and other people will be in attendance like that guy from Game of Thrones.. what's his name.. oh right.. HODOR!!!! And some other actors from various films and tv shows. Plus I hear that Forge World will be making an appearance there, and I hope they might show off some of their newer pieces, and maybe even some of their new event only shirts! I can only hope anyways :)

So are we finished yet? Oh heck no... we still have another workshop to go to on the 22/23 of March. And it is back to Liverpool I will drive and to hang out with John the darkmessiah himself! And for this one it is all about the airbrush!

Am really looking forward to this class though because it will be the first time I get some proper teachings on how to use this infernal contraption called an airbrush! Everything up to now has been trial and error and error and error and error...... you get my point though :) So a lot of things that will assist me here to paint up items that have been sitting around my studio for the last weeks, months, years!

So yeah.. a pretty packed month of events and workshops planned ahead here.. Had I planned myself better I would have been able to get back to Nottingham for the Forge World Open Day at the end of the month, but that was pushing it a bit much I guess.

Though I can say that April will be no less dramatic with regards to events and workshops for me.. but that will come in another post for another day :D

But in the meantime.. it is time to get back to painting! With all the other activities I really need to get to work on my current projects!!!!


  1. Lots to report back on there - looking forward to the updates.

    1. Cheers Michael.. and yes it is going to be a busy month for me!

  2. Enjoy your work and good continuation has you Mr Lee .
    Greetings .

    1. Thanks LOL.. am looking to get better and this is my path!

  3. Tommie is an amazing painter. He does a lot of tabletop type stuff over on C'MON, but when he puts his skills to use on a display piece it's mind blowing. I couldn't believe what he did with his flower knight from kingdom death. And he fast, my god is he fast!

    1. Yes, this I keep hearing and seeing from his works. So I am very curious on what his techniques are, and how to go about them. Looking forward to the class this weekend!


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