Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Liverpool Cathedral

So although we did a nice walk around the town center area Saturday night, it was Sunday morning that we went to what I am told is that largest single brick structure in Europe? Something to Google at one point or another.

One thing that John told me of a previous trip to it with Mr Volomir himself, was that he called it a perfect 40k styled church! I would be remiss in not thinking the same thing though as we walked through its shadows and valleys of death... sorry.. channeling some 90s lyrics there. :)

So although this is not really a modelling post, it has some interesting iconography here that could play well with future projects.

One of the cool features of this place was that it quarried a lot of the building materials from the build site itself! So the entire graveyard and park surrounding it ( but at a much lower elevation ) was where the stone was pulled from! Cool and creepy at the same time!

To carry on with the 40k theme here, we head on inside though and see all the stain glass windows, and some art piece that I really do not understand. Oh and some tombs. Can't have a massive cathedral without a few tombs ready for the dead.

We did do the hike up the tower itself after peering around on all the other aspects of the main section of the church. There was a food table selling things for charity. I was fully wanting to support it, but I couldn't see myself doing well with a cupcake while I hiked up the tower steps. And they were gone when we got back :( There was fudge there too :(

Pretty creepy sections that you have to climb up in order to see the views from the top. This was the "safer" section of the climb too...

Until we got to the last leg of the trip here, and that is when things were a bit more spooky in my opinion. I mean that bell section from above looks awesome, but the red glow reminds of me Umbrella corp's main reactor for their underhive city! And the ceiling photo will give good reference material for 40k type buildings in the future. I can assure you of that!!!

Though the hike up was a bit drawn out for dramatic effect here, the view at the top was worth the 216 steps it took to reach. Getting to see the entire city from this high up was quite interesting and cool. More so to see the different sections and ways in which the city comes together both old and new.

Lots of inspiration here on city planning ( both on what to and not to do styles ;) ). Might be something to think about using when setting up game boards for drop zone commander actually ;)

But also seeing some of the top sections of the cathedral we can see some interesting weathering patterns for future projects also!

And the fields/cemetery from this high up also give some nice impressions on what to do with some terrain or even basing ideas.

Of course, this trip would not have happened, nor the semi-guided tour without being able to meet up with John, aka Darkmessiah, in Liverpool for the weekend. He was even gracious enough to take a photo with me even if he hadn't put his make up on yet :)

Great chats on miniatures, and some interesting insights on how he does some of his own models! Looking forward to the airbrush course with him under his Weekend Workshop title and seeing what else I can learn from him on that topic!

Oh and a couple more randoms below of some other places within the cathedral...

And yes, that is a lego replica of the cathedral also. There was a contest to guess how many bricks it took to make. But the prize was just a trip for the family to Lego land. Would have preferred to have won the piece itself! And then do an assault on Liverpool Catherdral campaign at the local club maybe in 40k... but meh.. oh well..

Hope you enjoyed the photos.. and looking to get back to normal painting very soon. So expect some actual miniature painting photos and articles in the near future then!


  1. Great views of my birth city. There are actually two cathedrals there. You went to the Anglican cathedral, the Metropolitan Catholic Cathedral is very modern in comparison.

    1. Good to know! Will have to see the difference in the other one then when I head back up there if time permits! Which should be about 2 weeks from now ;)

  2. Great pics Mr lee , fantastic Cathedral !
    Cheers .

  3. This guy needs no make up! He is such a great fella! Happy to see you both meet up ...

  4. Very cool pics! Looking forward to seeing some of this soon


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