Friday, March 28, 2014

Steampunk Alien Bust part 2....

Man I am really loving this bust... so many things to work on from the classes and videos I have watched online that my mind is melting while painting this thing!

You can see where I finished off in my second session on this bad boy.. adding some texture and green portions to it.. I think I need to go back to the texture side of things soon though as I think I overdid the colors on top of it but they are coming along nicely and I know how to re-achieve those parts once more!

BUT.. I am getting ahead of myself here... :)

On the left we can see where I left off in yesterday's article..

And on the right we can see the progress I made after about 20 minutes of literally throwing paint around!

I began with loading up my large GW drybrush with watered down inks ( Brown, Green, Purple, Black ) and "flicking" it towards the model.

You can see that I have a cardboard piece behind it.. there is good reason for this as it caught a lot of the colors and "over flicked" paint :) Otherwise I might have had to begin to explain to my landlord why the walls have tiny paint dots all over them!

What I did like right away was the splatter effects and how it gave the skin something new. Especially since it was on a flat surface there. Which was a big problem on my Wild Hunter piece back in the day. People always commented on how that section did not hold up to the same levels as the rest of the bust. So I am learning.. slowly.. but am learning from those comments.

Just the thinnest colors being flicked on it and yet it was making such an impact! Problems come up later but will explain those then.

In between misting and flicking on int though, I did try to throw some ink/washes on the back green sections. And I had to take a photo of it to use it as reference in the future. I really can see this being used further once I get that point on the bust.

Though from here, I began to fall apart a bit on the bust... going too high in the highlights ( almost white ) and not dark enough. And I began to take away a lot of the vibrant colors from the piece also..

Especially the green portions became quite chalky, and I would spend the next hour trying to 're-vitalize' the colors there.. with minimal success as well :(

Easy to spot the mistakes in the process after the fact and with the photos.. not so easy while sitting at the desk so engrossed with the piece and motivated to go further.

But I did press on.. and I did try to correct it.. however while doing so all those nice textures I made previously began to disappear!

You can see it in the (poorly done) black background photos shown below..

A lot of work ( and re-work in some parts ) is required now.. more so before I can really go after the non-biological aspects of the piece. Let's see how it goes over the weekend.. in the meantime check out the comparison photo with The Thing that is still lurking in the background here!

Scary dudes here.. in the meantime.. enjoy the weekend!!!


  1. Great progress and colors effects Mr Lee .
    Cheers .

    1. Thanks LOL. Am loving the model so far.. having a blast painting it atm :)

  2. Lord, that is coming along nicely. Very exciting! You can also try dipping a straw in some washes and inks and blowing it on. That works really well for blood FX. Just make sure you inhale BEFORE your lips hit the end of the straw :P

    1. I have thought about that method as well... but I wanted a larger splatter area and the brush accomplishes that better ;)

  3. Nice progress though mate its coming along nicely.

  4. While I have no interest in painting things not designed for the wargames table. I have to say I am really pleasantly surprised by this project. There are parts of the sculpt where I think "I don't like that" and then seeing it from a different angle change my mind completely.

    While painting figure busts is really not my thing at all I can appreciate both the process and the result.

    1. Thank you for the compliment Clint. It means quite a bit to hear such a thing. Glad that you like both the piece and the progress as I move through it at the moment. Hopefully the end result turns out as good as the process goes :D

      Keep an eye out to see :)

  5. Hola
    Que bien va
    Estaré a tentó
    un saludo


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