Friday, March 7, 2014

Liverpool and Manchester.. here I come!

Yup it is time for this old man to get into his car and drive north for the weekend. Continuing on with The Year of the Travelling Brush!

With a quick painting jam with Darkmassiah from the 5-th-dimension crew, and then a pop over to Golem studios on Saturday to learn from the GW paint style master Tommie himself, before some chats about models, conventions, life and a long drive home.

More to probably happen in between but I need to get everything sorted here at work before popping off early. Bit of a drive from work to Liverpool, and I kinda want to beat the traffic if I can!

Cheers and check my facebook page for regular updates throughout the day! Expect a full review upon my return however! Enjoy the weekend, cause you know I will be!


  1. I'm very jealous of anyone able to attend events like this. Is there any chance you could post up the cheat sheet for us all to look at?

    1. I will ask Tommie if that is OK or not. Don't want to be giving out trade secrets. Already had my hand slapped for being too detailed in a previous review by a workshop organizer.. would hate to make another one angry also ;) But I will ask all the same though and see what they say!


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