Monday, February 2, 2015

WIP - Andrea Daimyo 1750 Samurai

So here is the latest model that I have prepped. I should be working on the Dwarf Bust, but I am stuck with the beard at the moment, so had to swap topics for a bit.

With a shift, I figured what better time than now to finalize the building up of my next painting class model.

The class is supposed to be painting up the Andrea Ronin model, however I have already painted that piece up as you can see below.

I'm not going to lie, but it could be painted a lot better still. And I suspect that all the others that will be in the class will come out amazing, more so under Banshee's tutelage.

But since I have painted it already, I will do up another model instead, the Daimyo 1750 version. And the focus will really be on the texture on the clothing that he is holding.

Stupid cell couldn't focus on the model well enough... I blame shaky hands here also..

One thing I can say about this model is that it was a horrible cast model where the gaps on it were massive! Almost Rocco level, but not quite.

Thankfully a fistful of milliput, and some patience has tempered it and filled the gaps. I then did a few layers of milliput washes, before going full on Liquid Green Stuff on it.

The heavy application looked bad at this point, but I was hopeful that it would be OK once the primers were applied.

I was very thankful to see that the gaps seemed smooth enough afterwards. And so then I would go and start the real color of the model that I was told to prime it.

Red. Seriously... Red.. Not quite sure why, or how this will come out. But you can see what the model looks like in red. I quite like it actually, but am really curious how this will effect the painting. Since I had tried something similar on the Ronin model also but in a more de-saturated blue/grey coloring.

Oh and no 2K priming happening here.. Just pure red. I had done it as 2K on the Ronin which helped a bit better for it..

Again.. let's see how it goes. Less than 2 weeks before we dive into this model and really tackle the techniques that Banshee will impact on us!


  1. I'm watching with interest to see what the reasoning is behind the red undercoat. I have used it for specific minis in the past, but only warjacks I was going to paint red all over, not something like this!

    1. I suspect it is to gain a specific type of tone within the model. I did it with the Ronin but in a grey/blue tone. But red is a new one for me, and I am very curious on how it will turn out! We will see soon enough I guess!

  2. Hola
    Interesante lo que nos traes
    estaré a tentó
    un saludo


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