Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Combo Review.. Kromlech German Grots

I posted up about the German Orc here yesterday. But today I want to talk about the quality of these pieces and models themselves. That and the SBS of the Grot Shot caller.. all models are from Kromlech.

So the above photo shows them at the beginning stages and to be honest the assembly stages of these models were brilliant.

Normally with the plastic/resin hybrid pieces there is a lot of flash, and mold lines. Though with these there were barely any mold lines, and no flash.

As far as packaging goes though, it is pretty simple. Plastic blister, with some foam insert to keep them secure.

Though I will have to say that the level of details on the models at first glance is great. Plenty of details to play with, however once I got into the painting section I could see that not all of them survived the casting pieces.

One specific area was the Orc Surgeon face.

I want to think that the huge ridges under the eyes were glasses. So painted them as such, but at the same time it could have just as easily been huge cheek bone pieces jutting out there. Both ways don't really work cause there are not enough details there to do really much with them.

But in other sections like on the apron, and for the main captain there are plenty of details there that stick out nice and will be a pure joy to paint up!

For now though here is a bit of a SBS on the Grot Blowhorn..

This Grot had a lot more flat areas on the skin areas. Having a lot of fun to play on this now, and the rest of it got painted up quickly last night.

End result is another piece that I had fun painting, and is the beginning of the trio of Grots. I am no fully convinced of the rust on the horn, but then again it is a start. I might throw a bit more on it though once it has time to full settle :)

Though after seeing how well these paint up, I might be looking at picking up more in the future then. Switch the mentality of them on a diorama, and put them back onto gaming bases. And have a decent little German forces that I could use against maybe another Orc American forces that was kickstarted a while back :D

But that might be the stretch with regards to cost and time.


  1. They are superb, I could almost be tempted myself!

    1. I am really tempted, even at their quite high costs ( higher than GW even! ). But they could really fit into a nice Bolt Action alternative game if required :D

  2. Really like the palette on these guys. Soft and subtle yet still orky looking :)

  3. Hola
    Buen trabajo con estos verdes si señor
    un saludo

  4. Kool stuff. Bolt action ? Maybe....

  5. Love the job on the grots. The skin and cloak is nicely done!


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