Monday, February 23, 2015

German Orcs - Surgeon

For some reason this weekend I had an urge to paint up something gamey.. something that had a bit more details than say the Ottoman Traveller from my round 2 entry to Portal, but something that wasn't as detailed as say something from Scale75.

With a box full of plastic, metal and resin, I had a few choices. And I spent a good few hours pondering over them, and finally pulling out all my resin gaming pieces. Of which I have 3 Grots and 3 Orcs from Kromlech miniatures. Very expressionistic models that are decent quality, but nothing over the top.

So with this in mind.. I started to prime them up, and got started with the Surgeon first. Why him? Well actually no idea, but he had decent details but not as many as say the captain there ( who is quite large and impressive on his own! ).

Black primer on, and I dig into the piece old school. Well old school for me at the moment whereby I mean I don't use the airbrush to set a zential light on him or basecoat him in his main color with it. This is kinda old school for me to do it by normal brush, and I had fun doing it as well.

After Banshee's latest class as well I was not really too concerned about a super smooth finish on him either. The roughness gives it a bit of texture. Not fully what Banshee would have done, but small steps in that direction I believe. :)

I attempted to keep a very cold color scheme for him, and would attempt to warm it up a bit within the skins. Not fully pulling it off at the moment, but again small steps. And I can say that the Orc skin came out much better than in my previous attempts. Especially since I began to introduce oranges, and reds more into it, but also pale skintones or yellow/whites. And a variation of blues to mix up the green for it, since I didn't pull any generic greens to make it in the first place! :) Huge step forward for me there!

At some point it was just too clean... and for a surgeon that is just not right is it!

So voila! Here is some blood applied! Though I think he is still too clean ( coming from other good friends giving me feedback on this ).. and perhaps he should be having a bit more blood on his hands, sleeves...

I have to say that it was a real joy to get back into painting, and then to take some photos of the progress as he continued on. I think that I needed to mix the techniques I learned on pieces that will move faster in the painting progress. And his was a great step in that direction.

Heck I even got some movement on a second model over the weekend here.. which was the Grot Blowhorn guy for the artillery.

He is not finished, but I am having a lot of fun with his skintones. Especially since the oranges and pale skins added to the green really added some nice variations to it! But not a fan of the front of that jacket atm.. more contrast is required. But let's see how it goes, and how this group of misfits finish up.. heck.. maybe they might all sit on the same base as well :D


  1. Grot with the trumpet is my favourite. Louie Orcstrong?

  2. Lovely, lovely work and great to see the progression like that.

    1. Cheers Michael. Glad the small SBS there works :D The grot doesn't has as many though unfortunately.. but expect to see him up soon enough!

  3. Fun quick projects are good to keep you painting, but take some of the "stress" out. I'm starting to paint up my pieces from Loka while I wait for my NOFC charity minis to come. Nothing fancy, just monochome pieces for fun. If they turn out well I may enter them in CMoN's latest contest. If not, I have some nice reference pieces for when I get around to the rest of the set :)

    1. Great comment, and indeed this is something that is going to help me keep painting new bigger topics. Looking forward to seeing more of your projects coming to fruition there as well. Especially the monochrome piece. Always scares me those ones..

    2. Me too, that's why I am trying it out on the loka board game pieces, no pressure ;)


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