Monday, February 9, 2015

Relics Demo game.. round 2?

Yay.. a battle report! It seems to have been ages since I have done one of these!

This time it is another new game called Relics. Well.. new to me cause I haven't really played it much ever, nor really seen any of the models until one of the club mates brought it down looking for guinea pigs to try it out with.

And as I love to be a guinea pig for new games at the club, I instantly volunteered!

So last night was actually our second game. Our first game I didn't really take photos as we were really struggling with the rules ( I don't read rules.. I just throw dice! Ask Burak ;) ). So Les had to run us through it. And that was his first game also!

Suffice it to say, we learned a lot from our mistakes, and this game was run much smoother. I think we had what could be described as basic tactics coming out.. but very basic :)

Right off I like that it is again a small model count game. I was playing as the Orcnar this time around ( after a brutal beat down as the Brits last time ) and I only had 10 models in total. Whereas the Brits had a decent number ranging up to 18 ( same lists as our first game ).

Board was set up on a 4x4 foot size, and we were 18 inches away from each other. Doesn't sound like much, but honestly it was enough considering how low the movement values are for most of the models ( especially the Brits ).

Since we only had one commander each ( something that the forums and FB groups says is a no no ) our command bubble was quite small. As such, things got quite hairy in the middle of the board here.

A great thing for the Orcnar, not the best thing for the Brits here. Since close combat is, was, and always will be the key to winning for the Orcnar it seems.

At this point in the game ( shown from the photo above ), I had already captured 2 of the objectives, was about to grab a third, and was massively preventing him from gaining ground to the other side of the table to secure others. Can honestly say we knew the game was already over at this point, but we pressed on.

As we began to clash, it was clear that I had the upper hand on this fight. To Dogs on the left, had gone berserk, and with a single wound left came back into the fight hard. The gremlin looking buggers were doing their job at knocking down units with their screams. Beorn was sitting like a rock in the middle of the board. Taking hits from the Arch mage, and troopers in style, and not feeling it. The brute had taken out the highlanders, and the calvary already. Now he was ready to join the big fray in the middle there.

In the end, only a single Grenadier had survived ( and only just! ) and was well and truly surrounded by Orcnar forces.

Things I learned from this game were pretty straight forward.. Will focus on Brits here cause that is the force I believe I will be collecting..

  •  Close combat for Brits is bad. Unless you have a ton of Highlanders, and can get the charge off first. 
  • Controlling the movement phase is a bit deal. Reading up on Brits the Puppeteer will be helpful here with his magic spells. 
  • Shooting is everything, and needs to be focused. 
    • had the troopers taken out my smaller units, they could have controlled the game a bit better. 
  • Dual commanders is required. So that I can split up my forces, and make him come at me in piecemeal stages instead of a massive wave of Orcnar ( which is how I won the game :) ). 
  • A bomber would have done very well here, and taken out a huge selection of troops. That would have been fun to watch :D
    • or at the very least it would have helped to clear out an area of the board and given the brits more shooting time. 
I do look forward to playing again, though with different lists and perhaps with proxies if neither of us have the pieces/models yet. But I can see a starter box plus a few extras to appear sometime in the near future. For now though, I will play vicariously through Les's models and see what damage I can conjure up with them for now.  


  1. For next game, I request some lovely mini close ups for their perspective :).

    1. Heh.. okies.. but they are my mates models, not mine. Hence why I put so many filters on the photos ;)

    2. Soft focus helps my paintwork immensely. Especially as the Britanan aren't painted yet

    3. Am sure once they are they will look decent mate ;) Still won't be able to hit the side of a barn at 10 paces, but will at least look decent ;)


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