Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Review: Scale75 Fink Draad

Over the holidays, there was a promotion on the Scale75 website where you could get 3 of the 75mm Fallen Frontier models for the price of 2. So it was an easy thing to pick up as a deal, and run with it.

For this week's review I will focus on the Fink Draad model first. Since I really like the design and style of the Riff faction within the game.

I do have a bit of a gripe with the box itself in that it doesn't say who the painter is. I kinda think that with all the contracting freelance artists around the world, it would be nice to have their names on the boxs to show who they were. Same with who the sculptor was. Might help others to recognize all the people out there that are doing such kind of jobs, and make it easier for them to following their work if they so wished.

When opening the box you can see immediately the main pieces of the model. What surprised me was that the body was one piece, and that it was resin while the rest was metal.

I love the details on the piece already. And while dry fitting there are a few gaps, but I think I will be able to assemble it with minimal problems.

What surprised me also was when I lifted the bottom foam, there was a plinth plate as well. Cast in metal of all things as well.

Considering the stance of the model, I believe I should be able to assemble everything, and then paint it. Will make the final version easier for me I believe to get a cleaner fit for the pieces, and thus cleaner paint job.

Though I don't believe that I will be using base plate that he comes with, and will attempt to make something in line to the game backstory. In the meantime, I need to begin to think on some color schemes for it :) Not sure I want to go full boxart color schemes on it.

Any ideas out there? :D


  1. No idea on colour scheme. But it certainly is a great looking miniature. The other two sets look good as well. Shall look forward to seeing what you do with them.

    1. Yeah, am looking at ideas online for thoughts on what to do. Will see how that goes soon enough. I think it will be a fun challenge as it is a large model, but still small enough to get into quickly. Let's see how the Samurai goes as they are roughly the same size. :)

    2. Always great to see these reviews! Such a world of miniatures I never knew existed. I'm waiting to see the lady on the left. She looks like a wicked cool sculpt!

  2. I totally agree with you on the missing acknowledgement for the painters and sculptors. It tends to reduce our hobby into generic terms and make it so as if all these are just automatically churned out by machines rather than the works of arts they are. The pieces look good and I love this simple review packed with photos.


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